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On April 8, 2014, we started this blog.

Almost 7 years ago, we began by introducing ourselves, “Sidetracked Sisters are Sandy & Judy (sisters) and Lisa & Michelle (sisters). We are 4 sides of the same coin…(hmmmmm – how is that possible?). Some say we are very much alike, yet others say we are as different as they come. We are family and LOVE to torment each other.”inspiring

But you probably know that already if you’ve been following us for a while.

Sidetracked Sisters started as a home-based crafting group. After several years, we began writing our blog where we shared thoughts and 178 writings on random topics. Continue reading

It’s the Little Things

I need to call Mom!

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I want to be the mom who has kids, that when they mess up, never think “mom’s gonna kill me”. I want their first thought to be “I need to call my mom”.  Where did I hear that recently???  It makes me wonder…What builds that kind of relationship? Perhaps the following three events would qualify. Continue reading

Becoming a Mom

Becoming a momI have lots of happy parenting memories!  There was no question in my mind growing up that I wanted to be a parent.  I loved babies!!  It was when they started getting a little older that I started to question the idea.  I was never the greatest babysitter.  I wanted the kids to cooperate and listen to me obediently, but as any parent knows, that’s not what kids do!!

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Furry Family – ‘Chelle

I have the greatest furry family members, but also the most obnoxious. I have two labradoodles. The black/grey one is 4, the other apricot/tan one is 2. I always say that they are the smartest dumb dogs I’ve ever met.

Both girls are like Houdini. We have a fenced in backyard, but they can ALWAYS figure a way out. Every time I fix one hole, they make a new one. Lily (the baby) is the best at this. We’ve had up to 10 neighbors helping us locate her after she has “disappeared”. She’ll come close to us, but stay just out of reach.

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Being a Mom – ‘Chelle

I always knew I wanted to be a mom.  From the time I was little – I loved kids.  That feeling continued throughout my life.

When I got married, I just knew that there would be kids in my life.  When I was pregnant with my first son, my family was very nervous about it because my family had a history of miscarriages.  I was 25 and very blasé about the whole thing.  I felt like a teenager does – “It will all be fine – of course….  What could go wrong?”  Luckily – things went fine and my oldest is now 19. Continue reading

Being a Mom – Judy

I always said I needed to be a Mom like I needed to eat spaghetti…Not at all!

I was delighted when Sandy got pregnant and proceeded to nurture my niece, Lisa, as my surrogate, spoiling her rotten with the benefit of handing her back when I was done.  I was totally pleased when my 2nd niece, Michelle arrived. Perfect, another little girl to spoil.

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Who is Judy?

They call me “Judy the Mouth”. 

I hate it and I own it.  My greatest strength is often my greatest weakness and my mouth often gets me in trouble.

I’m a Banker, a Wife, and gratefully a Mom.  My motherhood came later in life so our son Matt is 20 years younger than my sister’s two girls.  I had relationship challenges early on and happily have been married to my soul mate for the past 28 years.



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