The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil

Love of moneyWhen I was a little girl, I didn’t think much about money. I received a small allowance which went into my piggy bank.  From time to time, Mom would take me to the bank to deposit my money. I enjoyed watching my savings grow and to be honest, I don’t remember what I used it for.  Each birthday and Christmas, I would receive money from my relatives and it was earmarked for the savings account.  Continue reading

My Bucket List in Retrospect

bucketOne of the things to do today is to compose a bucket list. Perhaps I have a very simple mind or am very satisfied with my life but as I start this writing, I don’t have one. Perhaps, I could write down my list in retrospect. Maybe because I’m one of the older Sidetracked Sisters, I have already accomplished some of the items that would be on my “Bucket List”.  Continue reading

My One and Only

looking alike

I never thought I would have children, so before the blessed event, I used to piggyback on my sister’s two girls. Appearance-wise, there was a time when the four of us looked very much alike. We were in a Chinese restaurant in Oakland, California one night. When the waitress approached our table, she looked around at the four of us and said “four people, same face!” We had a good laugh and decided the waitress was very observant.  Continue reading

Plastic Eggs and Yummy Bunnies

Judy, Uncle Lloyd and the bunny cake

Easter traditions for us are filled with plastic eggs and yummy bunnies in all different shapes and forms. Holidays in our family are always chock-full of happy memories.  Continue reading

Hamsters, Uncle Lloyd and Simple Math

hamstersI had been telling everyone in my family for months that I wanted a pair of hamsters. Dad said no. Mom said no and I was frustrated.  I was ten years old and I was fascinated by hamsters.  Continue reading

Torture, Arguments and Reactions

tortureWe heard Dad taking the stairs two at a time as he ran up to find out why we weren’t asleep yet. I had a room of my own. My bed was a roll away and, on this night, we were pretending it was a pirate ship. The bar connecting the bed when it was folded up, was the ship’s wheel.  We were laughing and pretending and having a great time.  I was facing forward and, in my imagination, I was guiding our ship through rough waters.  Continue reading

Kiley, the Prophet

KileyOur beautiful Kiley was only 3 when her Daddy and I were married. She and I had a good relationship. Her only regret was having to share her dad with me. One day when we were cleaning the glass on the patio table together, she said “Judy, you know you really should have a baby. Daddy has me to take care of and you don’t have anyone!” I laughed and said maybe Daddy and I could share. I didn’t explain that I had been told I couldn’t have children.

Continue reading