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Damn! I’m FUNNY!!

Damn! I’m funny!! “Rectum?  Damn near killed him!”  –   “Liquor?  I hardly know her!” These are my two favorite jokes – or rather punch lines to jokes.  I don’t know where I first heard either of these or what the … Continue reading

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To Use or Not to Use (cell phones)

I have a lot of pet peeves when it comes to cell phones.  People simply don’t know the proper times to use and NOT to use them.  For example – public restrooms…  Does the person you called really want to … Continue reading

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I’m trying to think of what my best compliment is.  Is this an easy thing for other people to come up with?  I’ve been thinking about this and I seem to only think of insults that I’ve received.   Unfortunately, it’s … Continue reading

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Who is ‘Chelle?

Who is ‘Chelle?

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