Evolution of Breakfast

“Eat breakfast like a king,

lunch like a prince,

dinner like a pauper.”

This was the saying many years ago when I was struggling with my weight. I would eat a big breakfast and feel sluggish and drowsy for much of the morning. Was it the quality of the food? Was it the content of carbs versus protein? Was it the sugar, fat, salt…?

I’m not sure. Probably yes, yes, and…yes…

When I taught, I often skipped breakfast and had a snack around 9:30 with the students in my class. Although I sent home a letter with a dozen suggestions for “healthy” treats, the most common items were brownies, rice crispy treats, granola bars, cheese cheese-flavored crackers…it makes me tired just writing this. Continue reading

Slippery Frosting

frostingOn September 22, 2004, Grandma Is passed away and our family was forever changed.  She was the one to make the holiday cookies and candy.  She was the one that made the special bean and ham soup.  She was the one that made Mom’s birthday schaum tortes.  She was the one that made Lisa’s birthday cake and slippery frosting. Continue reading

Passing the Baton

personal chefCooking and I have been through several evolutions. I left home at 18 as a young, married woman. I could cook (sort of) thanks to my brief Home Economics class in High School. Cookbooks were my friends because, at the time, a long-distance phone call cost money. That meant I couldn’t afford the luxury of calling mom for instructions. Continue reading

A Cake Made with Love

In our family, we try to make birthdays somewhat special.  Usually, a cake or a favorite dessert is made for the birthday person.  

The first year that I was married my husband, Art,  made me a birthday cake.  Now, he is not a cook or a baker so this was a very special effort on his part. Continue reading

The Office

home officeWhen the Realtor showed my sister and me through our house, there were several things that caught my eye. I loved the black kitchen cabinets, the laundry room on the main floor, and the cozy dining area with great views of the backyard. Continue reading

Meal Prep to the Rescue

meal prepMy family doesn’t have a “favorite meal” because we have too many different tastes to contend with.  When the kids were younger, this contributed to my dislike of cooking.  I already hated it, but it became amplified as a parent.   Continue reading

A Civilized Family Meal

fondueMy husband was a great cook. OK, I know I’ve said this multiple times. I bring this up because I don’t remember a bad meal that he ever prepared.

To identify a favorite family meal, I’ll tell you about a meal that Michael didn’t cook and all three of us enjoyed immensely.

It was a warm, comfortable evening in Louisville, Colorado. Michael, our son Matt and I came together after we were done with work. We had been given a gift for dinner at the Melting Pot Restaurant. Matt had never been to a Melting Pot and didn’t know what to expect. Continue reading

Expensive Taste

lobsterReflecting on what my favorite family meal Is actually makes my mouth water.  Well, since I don’t love or even like the preparation of any kind of meal I like to go out to eat.  And when I go out to eat I love to consume lobster.  Because of the cost, it certainly cannot be considered a family meal.  Call me selfish, but even though I love lobster, not everyone in my family feels the same. It’s always better to dine with friends so as not to look to my family like I am overindulging!!  Continue reading

Don’t Mess With the Original

don't mess with the original

I know that back in the day, kids would go from house to house Trick-or-Treating with a pillowcase to collect candy–not even necessarily wearing costumes. Halloween, as we know it today, began in the 1930s with children receiving homemade cookies and pieces of cake, fruit, nuts, coins, and small toys. Continue reading