A Crash Far From Home

A Crash Far From Home

So, here she is at the beginning of the summer.

It was the summer of 1986. I drove my brown 1972 Mercury Comet to Washington DC for a Church Leadership training conference.

Having my own car gave me an awesome feeling of independence and freedom!

I drove daily to work and felt familiar with the traffic near the University of Maryland, College Park, campus where I was staying. Continue reading

On My Way Home

As the rain came pelting down, the car windows kept steaming up. The rhythm of the windshield wipers acted like a hypnotic metronome keeping time to the raindrops and the fog. Continue reading

Careful Driver?

carefulFortunately, I have been in only one really nasty car crash.  I was seventeen, in the car with my boyfriend, now husband, and another couple that was in the backseat.  We were at the outdoor theatre on a rather chilly summer night.  My date and I were having a dispute so I was sitting where I was supposed to be, by the window on the passenger’s side of the car. Continue reading

Death of the Red Hornet

When someone says “Have you ever been in a car crash?”, immediately I have 2 memories that come to mind.  The first involves Grandma Is and the brown Mercury Comet.  Continue reading

I Need a New Bucket

dreamsIt is now called a bucket list, I called it dreams, goals, and accomplishments.

I have lots of dreams, never really considered them on a bucket list, but I guess they really were.  Continue reading

A Full Bucket List

bucket list

My Dream Board

I never used to have a bucket list of items I wanted to accomplish, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized there are things I want to accomplish before I die.  I’ve included a few items that I’ve already done just because I like to have at least something checked off my list!  (Like putting “Make my bed” on a daily to-do list AFTER I’ve already made it!) 

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A Vacation Story

Lik-M-Aid ……..check

Dots on a page ……check

Bag of Brach’s Candy …….check

Why am I writing a vacation story about candy? Because, when we went on vacation, it was to see Grandma in Black Earth and the only time we were given permission to eat candy.

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Vacation Thoughts Down on Paper

It’s been months plus since I’ve written for our blog. Life has been hectic and time scarce and the writer lazy. It’s time to reconnect and get back to putting thoughts down on paper.

The last 10 days have been spent in Door County with the other Sidetracked Sisters and our families. It reinforces for me that family time is a heavenly time and being at the cottage in Door County makes it even better. Some went horseback riding; there was girls’ day spent shopping, lunching, and enjoying each other; some of us played mini-golf; there were daily swims and time at the beaches; dog walks, and much-needed downtime to read, rest and relax.

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Lifetime Vacationing

In “My day” I never thought of going to Europe, Mexico, Alaska, or wherever for a vacation in the summer, not to mention in the winter months.

My family only took a “vacation” to either paint the house, do the lawn work, or go to the big metropolis of Black Earth, WI, to see my father’s parents.  My father was a salesman and when he was home you couldn’t get him out of his recliner to save your soul, much less leave in a car for a family vacation.

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