Unexpected Mentor

mentorHaving worked in a law office for 56 years one would hope that I learned a lot.  Actually, I worked for my current boss’s dad for twenty-three of those 56 years and learned an awful lot.  Bruce was his name and he loved to teach.  This was fortunate for me as I came to the office without a college degree, having just graduated from high school.  I was the only secretary he had for a long time and while training me he was very good at teaching me why things had to be done a certain way and then how to accomplish this.   He also gave me free rein once I had certain projects down pat.   Continue reading

Bad Grandma

I always say that since I have become a grandma I seem to constantly be in trouble, or at least get blamed for some happening that the kids get me involved in.

I have a rather rambunctious, curious grandson who has always kept everyone on their toes.  He is sweet, fun-loving, and as I said, curious and adventuresome.  Continue reading

Expensive Taste

lobsterReflecting on what my favorite family meal Is actually makes my mouth water.  Well, since I don’t love or even like the preparation of any kind of meal I like to go out to eat.  And when I go out to eat I love to consume lobster.  Because of the cost, it certainly cannot be considered a family meal.  Call me selfish, but even though I love lobster, not everyone in my family feels the same. It’s always better to dine with friends so as not to look to my family like I am overindulging!!  Continue reading

Growing Pains

The day and year that I really grew up was definitely an important experience.  One that I would have forgone forever.  This was the day that my dad passed away.  He was only sixty-two years old, died of a heart attack, and left his family reeling in shock and dismay. Continue reading

My #1 #2

birthLooking back at some real changes in my life would certainly include the birth of my two daughters.  I am going to focus on the birth of my second child, who I teasingly call my #1 #2. (Get it – she’s my favorite 2nd child)  See I try to make everything even outlining the importance of their being. Continue reading

To Know Me is to Love Me

teenagerAnyone who says being a kid or much less a teenager is fun has never been one.  Well, my remembrance of being a teenager sort of makes me shudder.  I was one of those kids that most parents would, at times, never want.  I was rebellious, didn’t like the word “no”, hated restrictions, and liked to do anything at least once to see if it was worth doing again. Continue reading

Mom + Dad = Me

dadIf I had to choose which parent I am most like I would say a very little of either, but am a lot like my paternal uncle. 

My dad was very social, loved speaking before groups, and was just really outgoing.  I cannot identify with most of these traits as I am more reserved in large groups, hate public speaking, and am sort of outgoing.  Now, on the other hand, my mother was definitely an introvert.  She depended a lot on my dad for his social support.  When he passed she had to work very hard to become more social and outgoing.  I would say I sort of fit in the middle of these two parents. The most drastic difference between my dad and I was speaking in front of groups.  I always say I would rather give birth than do any kind of public speaking. Continue reading

Selling Pencils and Shoe Laces

A phrase often heard in our household when I was a kid was directed at the whole family, I guess.  I had two sisters and we were given tasks to do.  Anyway, my younger sister and I were given tasks to do.  My older sister for some reason was exempt from this activity. It seems when responsibilities are given to children in households there are a lot of arguments and reasons not to participate.  Well, my dad thought he had the answer to solve this problem.  You see he would threaten all of us that “he was going to sell our house, we would have to live in an apartment, and he would have to stand on a corner selling pencils and shoe laces.  This also came in handy to complain when he didn’t make a sale, as he was a salesman, and we would feel sorry for him.   Continue reading

It’s a Cluster

For some reason, I seem to be at the basis for all the Sidetracked Sisters’ memories of getting lost.  Imagine that? One of my many experiences of getting lost was a complete cluster.  Continue reading