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On April 8, 2014, we started this blog.

Almost 7 years ago, we began by introducing ourselves, “Sidetracked Sisters are Sandy & Judy (sisters) and Lisa & Michelle (sisters). We are 4 sides of the same coin…(hmmmmm – how is that possible?). Some say we are very much alike, yet others say we are as different as they come. We are family and LOVE to torment each other.”inspiring

But you probably know that already if you’ve been following us for a while.

Sidetracked Sisters started as a home-based crafting group. After several years, we began writing our blog where we shared thoughts and 178 writings on random topics. Now, all 4 of us have jumped into the “Women over 50” age group and we are feeling the need for a change again. Over the past year, 3 of us have retired from careers that we’d been in for decades. While fulfilling (to different degrees) we know that we are multi-passionate people who have let some dreams sit off to the side. Due to limited time, money, and/or energy, we acknowledge that we can’t do EVERYTHING we want, but we can do ANYTHING we want. 

We have been successful in our careers, now it is time to pursue something else. Now, we plan to shift our focus to share our wisdom and insights on topics related to Self, Soul, Surroundings, and inSanity!inspiring

Our amended purpose is to INSPIRE women over 50…including ourselves!

Our intention is to build a tribe of like-minded women who aspire to live more rewarding lives. For some, this will mean changing our mindsets. This involves understanding that we all have, within ourselves, the ability and power to create our dream lives. For others, it will mean reaching for the stars. These people will be adopting the thought processes and daily habits necessary to achieve the success that has eluded us to this point.

Over the course of the next several months, you will notice some changes in our blog and in our online feeds (Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram). To achieve our new purpose, we will be sharing practical action steps and asking you to share your thoughts, ideas, successes, and yes, your failures.

So, come join the conversation with others who have unachieved life goals. We are looking for like-minded people to share insights and growth secrets.

We are women who are moving forward to create joy-filled, exciting lives where we accomplish our goals and dreams. If this message resonates with you, come join us. We’d love to encourage you, and be encouraged by you, on this journey!

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