Who is Lisa?

I’m Lisa.

When I was a child I wanted to be an artist.  When I was a teenager, I would cry myself to sleep because I didn’t know what I wanted to be.  In college, personality tests said…TEACHER!  Ok, that stuck. So, now I am a RETIRED teacher, wife, mom, and closet artist. Oh yeah, even more recently, I’m a yoga teacher, a certified life coach, a podcaster, and a grandma!

I live in my hometown and stay sane through gardening.  Although weeds were winning the battle when I was teaching, I have gotten a second wind and am making a solid comeback!   I love to read books that give me something to talk about or think about.  I dream of projects that I want to do.  My house is in a relative state of chaos battling with occasional periods of calm and organization.

August 2014

My favorite breakfast — Bloody Mary
My favorite lunch — Gin and Tonic
My favorite dinner — Brandy Old Fashion Sour (w/ olives)

August 2021

Favorite breakfast — iced coffee with a yummy creamer
Favorite lunch — salad (my sister calls it a bowl full of lawn clippings)
Favorite dinner — homemade soup

January 2023

Breakfast — coffee with Italian Sweet Crème creamer
Lunch — chicken salad with pecans, water chestnuts, scallions, green grapes, and mandarin oranges
Dinner — anything smoked on our wood pellet grill

I am religious about walking my dogs every morning.  I LOVE researching and interviewing guests on our Sidetracked Legacies podcast.  To get my ultimate top rating, a movie MUST make me cry.  My husband and I watched “Yellowstone” and it’s prequels hate when I get sucked unconsciously into consuming content on the computer.  I find it frustrating that I often find the “ideas” of projects/activities way more appealing than the actual doing part. Lastly, I strive to be a successful entrepreneur, a loving wife, a patient mom, and an…adequate homemaker…while becoming the best, most creative, calm, and fulfilled me I can be.

Sidetracked Sisters is a place where 4 different personalities get together to laugh, joke, poke-fun, and solve the problems of the universe.  I think I should have added something politically correct about celebrating family, honoring traditions, blah, blah, blah….but that is really not our style.  So come along for the ride.  Roll your eyes and stick out your tongue. See what craziness we cook up!

Who are the Sidetracked Sisters?

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