Who is Judy?

They call me “Judy the Mouth”. 

I hate it and I own it.  My greatest strength is often my greatest weakness and my mouth often gets me in trouble.

I’m a Banker, a Wife, and gratefully a Mom.  My motherhood came later in life so our son Matt is 20 years younger than my sister’s two girls.  I had relationship challenges early on and happily have been married to my soul mate for the past 28 years.



I claim very little creative talent and I thrive on being around my creative sidetracked sisters.  I love to read, write family poems, walk, be with my husband, and adore my dog.  I often say that dogs are the best people in the world.

I love spending time at my sister’s cabin in Door County with 14 family members and at least 4 dogs.  I find heaven on the water with the people I love, talking, walking, biking, reading or just being.

I’ve lived in Wisconsin, Texas, California, and Colorado and recently returned to Wisconsin to rejoin my Sidetracked Sisters.  We live in Beaver Dam and I work in Beaver Dam.  I have a desire to do voice acting and am studying to figure out how that might work.

I’ve made my last move at least by choice except one day to retire in Door County. With my budget, that will come to pass in my late 80’s or 90’s! Hah!

I enjoy sharing my opinion, which I like to think of as wisdom.  If Sandy’s the greatest then I’m the wisest!

Sidetracked Sisters

Sidetracked Sisters are two sets of two sisters one generation apart.  The older sisters are as different and as much alike as two sisters can be.  One brunette, one blonde, one green eyes, one brown eyes, one stayed put in Beaver Dam, one traveled a bit.  Sandy had two girls – The second set of Sidetracked Sisters.  One brunette, one blond, both brown eyes and as alike and as different as two sisters can be.

The name originated to label craft shows that we did in our homes each year especially on “widow’s weekend”.  Since we professionally consist of a Paralegal, Banker, Teacher and Computer Geek, Sidetracked allowed our creative sides to come out and play and gave us one more outlet to joke, criticize, insult, tease and sometimes even support each other. We also learned that if you wanted an opinion, we had 4 different ones to offer (more of that to follow).

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