No More White Elephant Gifts

I can truthfully say that I can’t remember ever receiving a gift that I didn’t like or appreciate.  I always feel the thought behind the gift is what really counts.   Continue reading

Food Coma

Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday.  Our family takes turns in sharing the different holidays.  Our daughter, Lisa, is always the hostess for Thanksgiving.  This started when my son-in-law, Craig, shared that he  loved to make the turkey.  So, he got the job of hostessing Thanksgiving and dragged his wife, Lisa, along for the ride whether she was in agreement or not.   Continue reading

A Cake Made with Love

In our family, we try to make birthdays somewhat special.  Usually, a cake or a favorite dessert is made for the birthday person.  

The first year that I was married my husband, Art,  made me a birthday cake.  Now, he is not a cook or a baker so this was a very special effort on his part. Continue reading

Trading Spaces

Having moved from a tri-level home to a larger two-story house was a bit of a challenge to get used to.  You learn to live one way and then have to refigure a new environment.  We had our family room on the lower level and grew to love that idea.  Continue reading

The Day Feels Longer

There is a lot of controversy regarding whether to keep daylight savings time in effect.

I love the time change in the spring giving us more daylight hours.  I would love to see it kept that way all the time.  I am not a morning person, so when it is light for a longer time I love it.  I am notoriously late and one time when daylight savings time started in the spring I was going to church.  I was going to be on time.  Got to the parking lot and no one else was there.  A friend of mine drove next to my car and just laughed.  Daylight savings time had started the night before and I was one hour early.  So this shows that I am not always late. Continue reading

Medflight to Madison

antibioticI have always taken antibiotics for granted.  I felt that an antibiotic was prescribed for different kinds of Illnesses, but didn’t really pay attention feeling that one would probably work for any kind of illness.

Well, I was wrong.

I have had many UTIs in my life and took any antibiotic that I could get my hands on when I couldn’t see a doctor. Continue reading

Orange Fuzz Isn’t Flattering

permA funny story to some isn’t always so funny to the person involved. 

My husband was away on a fishing retreat.  It was a Friday, I was bored and had decided I needed a change. Continue reading

Keeping Things Equal

1972 DatsunIn my lifetime I have owned quite a few cars: mostly older models and a couple of really nice vehicles.

When it came time to share the driving experience with the two daughters we had it was decided, as did everything else, to be on an equal basis.  Continue reading

Blind Date Success

blind dateI met my husband, Art, on a blind date.  

As it was told to me a friend that I had gone with had this friend named Art.  He always spoke highly about him and said what a nice guy he was.  Well, he wanted to go to the outdoor, needed a date for Art, and called one of my girlfriends to see if she could go.  She couldn’t go, so guess what?  He called me.  Well, my Dad knew this friend, liked him, and thought he was the one asking me to go out to the outdoor.  So, he said I could go.  Now, I was only fifteen so this was a huge thing for me.  I couldn’t believe he would let me go to the outdoor, in a car with boys, at such an early age.  Continue reading

Making Time

grandchildrenIn a real perfect world, this is what I should do as a nighttime routine:  First make sure the kitchen is clean, the dishwasher either full or emptied, the cupboards clear of stuff, and the dogs let out one last time for a potty break, lights turned off, doors locked, teeth brushed, nighttime pills are taken, help my husband with his drugs, CPAP machine, prayers, lights off. Continue reading