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Damn! I’m FUNNY!!

Damn! I’m funny!! “Rectum?  Damn near killed him!”  –   “Liquor?  I hardly know her!” These are my two favorite jokes – or rather punch lines to jokes.  I don’t know where I first heard either of these or what the … Continue reading

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To Use or Not to Use (cell phones)

I have a lot of pet peeves when it comes to cell phones.  People simply don’t know the proper times to use and NOT to use them.  For example – public restrooms…  Does the person you called really want to … Continue reading

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I’m trying to think of what my best compliment is.  Is this an easy thing for other people to come up with?  I’ve been thinking about this and I seem to only think of insults that I’ve received.   Unfortunately, it’s … Continue reading

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Becoming a Mom

I have lots of happy parenting memories!  There was no question in my mind growing up that I wanted to be a parent.  I loved babies!!  It was when they started getting a little older that I started to question … Continue reading

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Lazy or Just Inadequate?

Am I lazy or just inadequate??  I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.  Both in my personal life and my work life.  In my work life, I’ve said for years that I want to get back to my computer … Continue reading

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I F**king Hate Cooking

I hate cooking.  My kids have always been impossible to cook for.  But before I get into that – maybe I should explain about where I think my dislike of cooking came from.

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Weird Favorite Drinks

When someone asks you “What is your favorite drink?” – do you automatically think they are referring to an alcoholic drink?  Well – I do; and that’s where I take pause.  I’m not a big drinker.  Typically people talk about … Continue reading

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Too Much Profanity!

I wish kids today (including my own) wouldn’t use profanity as much as they do.  I really feel that there are so many more productive ways to express oneself other than swearing.  This is something I strongly believe, BUT….  do … Continue reading

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Christmas memories – ‘Chelle

Making Christmas cookies has always been an important part of our holiday traditions.  When Grandma Is was around – she would make all the cookies herself and gather the kids to decorate them (Lisa and I).

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Gratitude List – ‘Chelle

Have you ever created a gratitude list?  This seems like an appropriate time of the year to do this kind of thing.  (Although – you shouldn’t save this idea for only this time of the year) There are so many … Continue reading

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5 Love Languages – ‘Chelle

Have you ever heard of The 5 Love Languages? It is a book that I think EVERYONE should read!!  I swear by the information in this book!! Basically – there are 5 ways that people give and receive love. 1. … Continue reading

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What color are you?

What color are you?  What colors look best on you?  Back when I  was a teen, my mom and my god-mother took my girlfriend and I to “have our colors done”.  Some of you may ask “You had WHAT done?”  … Continue reading

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