Thankful for Tradition

thankfulOur family has divided holidays between Mom, Lisa, Judy, and myself.  We celebrate Christmas at Mom’s house, Judy and I alternate Easter at our homes and Lisa gets Thanksgiving.  Because of this, when someone asks me how I’m celebrating the holiday – I gratefully get to say “I don’t have to host or cook – I just get to enjoy the day!” Continue reading

Slippery Frosting

frostingOn September 22, 2004, Grandma Is passed away and our family was forever changed.  She was the one to make the holiday cookies and candy.  She was the one that made the special bean and ham soup.  She was the one that made Mom’s birthday schaum tortes.  She was the one that made Lisa’s birthday cake and slippery frosting. Continue reading

Pick a Color

colorI was 23 years old and it was time to decorate my first apartment and then my own house.  I had no idea where to start, what to do, or even what color to use.  Then I remembered an idea Lisa had shared with me (after all – if Lisa thought it was a good idea – it probably was) Continue reading

Alexa – Let There Be Light!

daylight savingsPicture this:  I’m living in Waukesha and it’s time to get ready for work.  I take my shower and put myself together for a day of training.  I wake up the baby, feed him, and get him cleaned up.  We go to the parking garage, get in the car, and drive to the garage door.  As it opens up, I see that the sun hasn’t even started to rise.  It’s standard time and I’m feeling like I’m ahead of the game for the day because I’m up and ready even before the sun has risen. Continue reading

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

sleepFor as long as I can remember, I love sleeping.  Taking a nap while snuggled in a cozy blanket, next to a crackling fire – mmmmm – there is nothing like it.  But when you have no control over your sleeping – that is an entirely different story. Continue reading

Poop Happens

poopNot everyone is able to handle baby poop, but for a mom – it’s not such a big deal.  I did a lot of babysitting as a young teenager and was very accustomed to dealing with a baby’s needs.  As a new mom – I never thought that not everyone has the same mentality about babies that I did. Continue reading

Inheriting the Red Hornet


Picture this – faded fluorescent orange with yellow front quarter panels

In our family, the general consensus is that teenagers don’t need a brand-new car for their first car.  Mom and Dad held to this philosophy and therefore, I did too when my kids were of the right age.  My dad must have been obsessed with the year 1972 because Lisa’s first car was a ‘72, my first car was a ‘72 and my second car was also a ‘72. Continue reading

Teenage Romance

teenage romanceI was planning on staying home, but my best friend Janice insisted I had to come with her to Mary’s party.  Mary’s family was having a party for their exchange student and all the girls were going to be there.  I didn’t feel like going but resigned myself to an evening of socializing. The last thing I was looking for was romance. Continue reading

Time for Bed

bedAs I’ve mentioned before – I LOVE sleeping.  So, it naturally follows that bedtime is my favorite time of the day.  But, before I indulge in this most joyous event, there are a few things that need to happen in order for me to feel ready to jump in.

My bedtime routine used to be very simple.  Hop into bed and you are done with the routine.  I know you are supposed to brush your teeth and wash your face before hopping in, but as a kid and a young adult – that just seemed like too much work. Continue reading

Pay Attention

teachersWhen you think of teachers and their importance in your life, you want to think of them in a good way.  After all, you spend a significant part of your childhood in classrooms with these people.  The teachers in my life have made both positive and negative impacts on me.   Continue reading