Not a Prima Ballerina

tap danceI started my dance “career” at age 4 by taking tap classes.  I believe Mom initially got me into classes to help me overcome my shyness.  Hiding under Grandma Is’s skirt was where you’d find me if anyone tried talking to me during our errands.

Now when it came time to be in dance class, my shyness disappeared.  I loved being the leader of our class and getting to be the first one onto the stage during the recital.  I never recall having stage fright or freezing while on stage.  That never occurred to me. Continue reading

Meal Prep to the Rescue

meal prepMy family doesn’t have a “favorite meal” because we have too many different tastes to contend with.  When the kids were younger, this contributed to my dislike of cooking.  I already hated it, but it became amplified as a parent.   Continue reading

Baffle Them With Bullshit

computerI was 25 years old when I started working at ExecuTrain as a computer trainer.  I was tasked with teaching adults about how to use Windows, Microsoft products, and other such things.  After working there for about 3 months, our network administrator left and my boss said, “Hey Michelle.  You said you like technical things, right? Well, here’s our network.  Take care of it!” Continue reading

Lucy the Labradoodle

labradoodleIt was 2013 and I had been living as a single person for almost 5 years.  Sam, our beautiful family black lab, had recently passed due to a horrible but thankfully quick struggle with throat cancer. I decided it was time to get another dog and this time, she was going to be mine.  It was the first time I had been able to make a decision like this on my own. Continue reading

Teasing Teenagers

teasingPicture this…  I’m 14 years old.  It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m having a date night with my boyfriend, Sam.  Lisa and Tom are in the next room chaperoning us (as much as you can chaperone from the other room).  Sam and I are kissing and before I know it, his hand is creeping under my shirt… Continue reading

I Am My Mother After All

 I was 18 years old and sitting at Mom’s vanity doing my makeup.  Mom came up behind me and put her hands on my shoulders.  I looked from my face to hers and back to mine again and I started to cry a little.  I said,  “Oh My God…  I DO look like you!”  Boy, I sure know how to make someone feel like a million bucks!  That’s just one way that I’m like my mom.   Continue reading

Someday When I’m Dead and Gone…

“Some day when I’m dead and gone… then you’ll appreciate me”.  I can’t even count the number of times I’ve heard that phrase from Mom’s mouth when I’m doing or saying something to her that she doesn’t like. Continue reading

Show Me The Love

Candlelight dinner from Nathan – Valentine’s Day 2011

When trying to think about what makes me feel loved or what gives me warm fuzzies, the first thought that comes to mind is when my kids remember to thank me for something I’ve done for them.   Continue reading

Driving Adventures

I pride myself on being great with directions.  I can’t recall a single time I’ve been lost when I’m driving.  (Now if Mom is driving – that’s an entirely different story).  Even as a kid, I’ve always paid attention to things as we were traveling from one place to another. Continue reading

Computer Geek at Heart

computersWhen I was a little kid, I always wanted to be a teacher.  I loved the idea of imparting my wisdom to others and knowing more about things than my students did.  I always looked up to my teachers and wanted that admiration as well.  As I got older, I decided there was no way I was going to be able to teach little kids.  I love little kids, but their goofiness can get tiresome.  Middle school kids are too hormone riddled to handle and high school kids are too close to adults and many show teachers no respect.  So where did that leave me? Continue reading