Parenting Brings Many Happy Memories


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Well, I have had many happy parenting moments. Where to start? How about at the beginning.

Having children was always a thought in the future, a mystical, and how does that work moment. Well, I, and my husband, of course, were married when we found out we were pregnant. After being horribly sick for three months, and then for the rest of the time feeling like I could concur the world, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl one month early. She was born a week before Christmas and I must say changed our lives forever. It was wonderful, she was wonderful, but I must say from that point on the hysteria seemed to start at this moment. Having a child makes you grow up fast, in most cases that I am aware, and I feel that happened to me.

This was such a great parenting moment that we thought we should be able to plan our lives comfortably like most of our friends seemed to do. Well, not for us. I had two miscarriages, after which time I became pregnant again. We were elated, scared, and happy. Nine months and two weeks later I gave birth to another wonderful daughter.


Lisa’s college graduation

Since these were such happy parenting moments we thought a third would complete our family. This was never to be as I had two more miscarriages and learned to be thrilled that we had two happy, healthy daughters.

There were so many happy parenting moments, together with high stressful ones also, but I can’t imagine our lives any other way. Our daughters have completed us, have made us proud, and are just plain “our family”.

It seems that parenting is taken for granted by so many. Birthing, I thought was the easy part, but the future parenting skills are really where it is at. Happy parenting moments can be just snuggling with that child/children, telling stories, just being.

I have so many happy parenting moments that I could write a book. Maybe, we’ll see.

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