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On April 8, 2014, we started this blog.

Almost 7 years ago, we began by introducing ourselves, “Sidetracked Sisters are Sandy & Judy (sisters) and Lisa & Michelle (sisters). We are 4 sides of the same coin…(hmmmmm – how is that possible?). Some say we are very much alike, yet others say we are as different as they come. We are family and LOVE to torment each other.”inspiring

But you probably know that already if you’ve been following us for a while.

Sidetracked Sisters started as a home-based crafting group. After several years, we began writing our blog where we shared thoughts and 178 writings on random topics. Continue reading

I Love Me – I Love Me Not!

What is something I love about myself? And Why? Good grief. When someone asks me a question like this, my first response is “I have absolutely no idea”. Then when I get quiet and dig deeper, I find a thing or two.

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Honey… What’s Cooking??

I have a confession to make. I don’t cook very often. My husband was raised in the restaurant business and started scraping gum off the bottom of tables with a putty knife when he was too little to remember. One thing led to another and he started food preparation when he was very young. Being around food and people who cooked well caught on with him.

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I F**king Hate Cooking

I F**king Hate Cooking

I hate cooking.  My kids have always been impossible to cook for.  But before I get into that – maybe I should explain where I think my dislike of cooking came from.

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Soups, Casseroles, etc – Cooking Is Love To Me

In my mind, cooking equals love. The thinking goes this way…

If I love you, I take care of you.

If I take care of you, I want you to be healthy.

If I want you to be healthy, I want you to eat good food.

If I want you to eat good food, I have to cook.

If I cook, then you won’t get processed or fast food.

If you don’t get processed or fast food, you will be healthy.

If you are healthy, it means that I am doing a good job of taking care of you.

If I am taking care of you, then I love you. Continue reading

Color Me Green


When I was a kid, mom decorated my bedroom in pumpkin orange, mustard yellow, and avocado green. (I’m just gonna say it…I hated these colors!) There were lollipops painted in these colors with a ribbon on the sticks that made a headboard. I regularly hid the suckers under the bed in protest.

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Escape Artist Dogs

I have the greatest furry family members, but also the most obnoxious. I have two labradoodles. The black/grey one is 4, the other apricot/tan one is 2. I always say that they are the smartest dumb dogs I’ve ever met.

Both girls are like Houdini. We have a fenced in backyard, but they can ALWAYS figure a way out. Every time I fix one hole, they make a new one. Lily (the baby) is the best at this. We’ve had up to 10 neighbors helping us locate her after she has “disappeared”. She’ll come close to us, but stay just out of reach.

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Time to Eat Spaghetti!

I always said I needed to be a Mom like I needed to eat spaghetti…Not at all!

I was delighted when Sandy got pregnant and proceeded to nurture my niece, Lisa, as my surrogate, spoiling her rotten with the benefit of handing her back when I was done.  I was totally pleased when my 2nd niece, Michelle arrived. Perfect, another little girl to spoil.

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Who is Judy?

I’m a student of life and I thrive on contact with people of all shapes and sizes. I prefer not to be judgmental of others. I would rather hear their stories and grow and learn from their experiences.

I can be outgoing. I feel it is very important to stand up for myself and others. If a spokesperson is needed, I can be that person.

Over the past fifty-plus years, I have lived in many different states and parts of the country. The hardest question I’ve had to answer is which place was my favorite. There are good points in every place I’ve lived. And yet, hands down, I love being back in Wisconsin. The main reason? My family is here and I’m back with my “Sidetracked Sisters.” The changing of the four seasons is also stimulating to me. Autumn is my favorite, and true to my nature, I find good things about each of the seasons.

So far, I have worked in banking, furniture retailing, and downtown revitalization. Currently, I’m enjoying my work as a guest service person in the hospital industry. If I can work with people, help solve problems and have interesting conversations, it doesn’t matter the industry, I’m happy.

My soulmate and I have been married for over thirty-six years. We both enjoy reading, learning and spending time together. Our son lives close-by in Wauwatosa. He has a career in the golf industry which follows his passion. We keep in touch and enjoy sharing his life. We have a dog that we spoil rotten. She makes us laugh and keeps us sane. (Most of the time)

Our happy place is at the family cottage in Door County. We often have fourteen or so family members and at least six dogs to share our time with. I find heaven on the water with the people I love, talking, walking, biking or just being. When we see the “Door County” sign, we breathe more easily.

Currently, the Sidetracked Sisters are enjoying our Facebook page, our blog and our new Podcast called “Sidetracked Legacies”. I think I have found my creative outlet. I’m looking forward to encouraging others to create their legacies.

Sidetracked Sisters

Sidetracked Sisters are two sets of two sisters one generation apart. The older sisters are as different and as much alike as two sisters can be. One brunette, one blonde, one green eyes, one brown eyes, one stayed put in Beaver Dam, one traveled a bit. Sandy had two girls. The second set of Sidetracked Sisters. One brunette, one blond, both brown eyes and as alike and as different as two sisters can be.

The name originated to label craft shows that we did in our homes each year, especially on “widow’s weekend”. Since we professionally consist of a Retired Paralegal, Retired Banker, Retired Teacher, and a hard-working Computer Engineer, Sidetracked allowed our creative sides to come out and play. It gave us one more outlet to joke, criticize, insult, tease and sometimes even support each other. We also learned that if you wanted an opinion, we had four different ones to offer.

Who are the Sidetracked Sisters?

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