Thoughtless Gift

worst giftThinking about the “worst” present I have received has been a challenge. I have been lucky to receive just what I’d been wishing for from Santa and the important people in my life. I loved my skis and boots. My emerald earrings and necklace were unexpected and perfect. I always loved receiving new flannel pjs when I was a kid and my Bonnie Braids and Revlon Bride doll were just what I wanted.  Continue reading

Tables of Thanks

thanksgivingThanksgiving is a very nostalgic holiday for me. I cherish the warm and special moments spent with family for as long as I can remember. The first Thanksgiving table was at Mom and Dad’s home on MacArthur Drive. The next large table I remember was in Michael’s and my home on Scott St. More recently, the big table on Rose Circle has been the setting for our holiday memories. Lisa and Craig have created a special Thanksgiving for all of us for the past twenty years.  Continue reading

Passing the Baton

personal chefCooking and I have been through several evolutions. I left home at 18 as a young, married woman. I could cook (sort of) thanks to my brief Home Economics class in High School. Cookbooks were my friends because, at the time, a long-distance phone call cost money. That meant I couldn’t afford the luxury of calling mom for instructions. Continue reading

The Office

home officeWhen the Realtor showed my sister and me through our house, there were several things that caught my eye. I loved the black kitchen cabinets, the laundry room on the main floor, and the cozy dining area with great views of the backyard. Continue reading

I Remember When

daylight savings timeI have never been a morning person. I look forward to Spring, even though I lose an hour with Daylight Saving Time. I do enjoy the extra daylight hours in the evening. When we hit the “fall back” time, I enjoy the extra hour of sleep. Although, once daylight saving time ends, it gets dark so early that I feel like I’m living in Alaska.  Continue reading

Diving Disaster

divingOne of our last outings before starting my Senior year at BDHS was a trip to the Fall River Pool. I had heard so many things about how nice it was. It was a busman’s holiday from the YMCA pool where my boyfriend and I worked. My sister Sandy and her husband, Art drove us to the pool.  

My boyfriend, Spencer was a great diver. He had been promising to teach me to do a one-and-a-half somersault off of the three-meter board. I loved doing regular dives and was excited about adding a new dive to my accomplishments.  Continue reading


tap danceSeveral years ago, before Michael and I were married, I hung out with a group of people who were full of fun. The group consisted of 4 couples. We all had professional careers and we loved to go out together and be silly.

When we were together and things got too boisterous, the manager or owner would always come up to ME and say something like “YOU look responsible. Could you please ask your group to quiet down?”. I never understood why I was selected to be the disciplinarian.  Continue reading

Matt’s Puma Mobile

First carMy mom got her first driver’s license when she was 55 years old. My dad had passed away and she often found herself stranded with errands to do and places to go. She bought her first new car in 1984. It was a celery green Chevy Celebrity. She literally was the little old lady who drove to the grocery store and to church on Sunday.  Continue reading

Friends Forever

friendsMy first real job after High School was selling driving lessons at a driving school in Madison. Every day it was my job to take the bank deposit to the bank in the Hilldale Shopping Center. It was a highlight of my day because the staff was friendly and fun. Continue reading

Avoiding Bedtime

bedtimeIt has been rumored that I stay up very late at night. It seems I will do anything to avoid getting ready for bed. I read, watch TV, start picking up at all hours, look at Facebook and spend the next day feeling tired.

Why do I do this? I don’t like getting ready for bed. It takes too long and yet if I miss a step, I suffer from good old-fashioned guilt. Makes no sense since I am the one that suffers the next day. Continue reading