Escape Artist Dogs

I have the greatest furry family members, but also the most obnoxious. I have two labradoodles. The black/grey one is 4, the other apricot/tan one is 2. I always say that they are the smartest dumb dogs I’ve ever met.

Both girls are like Houdini. We have a fenced in backyard, but they can ALWAYS figure a way out. Every time I fix one hole, they make a new one. Lily (the baby) is the best at this. We’ve had up to 10 neighbors helping us locate her after she has “disappeared”. She’ll come close to us, but stay just out of reach.

One time, last summer, both girls got out and I proceeded to get in the car to look for them. As I did so – my phone rang and a nice gentleman stated that he had my dog (Lily). Turns out – he lived over 8 blocks away from us!! When I went to pick her up, the man told me that they would’ve had both girls, but the grey/black one wouldn’t come anywhere near him. Lily decided that seeing someone and getting pets would be an awesome idea.

So – on the way home – I was driving along and saw a dog laying in a yard near my house. I thought to myself, “How amazing – I wish my dogs would just lay in the yard and chill out”… As I got closer – I realized it was Lucy!! She was practically foaming at the mouth. She was exhausted. So – she had run 8 blocks away with Lily and then ran 8 blocks home!! Holy crap!

Another time the girls ran away (yes – this happens frequently) – I would drive my car around and Lucy would hear the car and suddenly start running after me. Then I’d find Lily wandering down the sidewalk looking dazed and confused. She didn’t know how to find her way home without Lucy to follow! LOL!

Yes – I’m working on getting them to not run away, but I haven’t been successful as of yet. Yes – I know this is dangerous because they could be hit by a car. I’ve got a fenced-in backyard. I’ve got shock collars. I’ve taken them to training. I’m trying – I really am. Now – I’ve got them collars that have their names and my cell phone number stitched into the collar. Those collars have been VERY useful. I’ve received a few calls from people that have found Lily. Actually – one of my neighbors I now have programmed in my phone because Lily seems to love going to their house!

So – needless to say – if you see a black/grey or apricot/tan labradoodle running thru your neighborhood – just give me a call. They are probably mine.

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3 thoughts on “Escape Artist Dogs

  1. Love these two obnoxious grand fur babies. It’s a good thing they are cute or we would have killed them at least one hundred times. 🙂

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