Schneider Family Creation

I always knew I wanted to be a mom.  From the time I was little – I loved kids.  That feeling continued throughout my life.

When I got married, I just knew that there would be kids in my life.  When I was pregnant with my first son, my family was very nervous about it because my family had a history of miscarriages.  I was 25 and very blasé about the whole thing.  I felt like a teenager does – “It will all be fine – of course….  What could go wrong?”  Luckily – things went fine and my oldest is now 19. Continue reading

Time to Eat Spaghetti!

I always said I needed to be a Mom like I needed to eat spaghetti…Not at all!

I was delighted when Sandy got pregnant and proceeded to nurture my niece, Lisa, as my surrogate, spoiling her rotten with the benefit of handing her back when I was done.  I was totally pleased when my 2nd niece, Michelle arrived. Perfect, another little girl to spoil.

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