Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

sleepFor as long as I can remember, I love sleeping.  Taking a nap while snuggled in a cozy blanket, next to a crackling fire – mmmmm – there is nothing like it.  But when you have no control over your sleeping – that is an entirely different story. Continue reading

Oops, I Did It Again

It was the summer before Kindergarten. I was swimming in the kiddie pool at my neighbor Donna’s house. We were running around her backyard, and as I neared the wet grass by the pool, I slipped and fell. 

I can still feel the burning pain. Her mom picked me up and dunked me in the cool water repeatedly. Then she carried me home on the path that cut across the field that connected our houses on opposite sides of the block. 

I begged Mom and Dad not to take me to the hospital. 

The next morning, I remember Mom coming into my room to know what I wanted to wear. Since this wasn’t the way things went in the summer, I asked what was up and was informed that we were going to the hospital. You see, I couldn’t move out of bed, much less walk.

I wasn’t given crutches for weeks. I think I finally got them just in time to start school. Continue reading

Medflight to Madison

antibioticI have always taken antibiotics for granted.  I felt that an antibiotic was prescribed for different kinds of Illnesses, but didn’t really pay attention feeling that one would probably work for any kind of illness.

Well, I was wrong.

I have had many UTIs in my life and took any antibiotic that I could get my hands on when I couldn’t see a doctor. Continue reading

Orange Fuzz Isn’t Flattering

permA funny story to some isn’t always so funny to the person involved. 

My husband was away on a fishing retreat.  It was a Friday, I was bored and had decided I needed a change. Continue reading

Night Night

I’ve prided myself in consciously becoming a morning person. I’ve developed and practiced a routine to help me be successful at getting up early and starting my day positively.

Night Night

My Bed: Evie at the foot, Aubrey on the left, me hogging the duvet in the middle, and the 9 1/2 inches on the right is left for Craig.

One strategy to set yourself up for success is to begin the night before.

We all know a good parent needs to put predictable patterns into their child’s evening routine. There is dinner, bath, tooth brushing, stories, maybe a night-night song, and lights off.

Well, it’s the same with us grown-ups. Why do so many people fall asleep on the couch watching TV or lay in bed watching TikTok on their phone? I would be a mess if I did either of these activities! Continue reading

Time for Bed

bedAs I’ve mentioned before – I LOVE sleeping.  So, it naturally follows that bedtime is my favorite time of the day.  But, before I indulge in this most joyous event, there are a few things that need to happen in order for me to feel ready to jump in.

My bedtime routine used to be very simple.  Hop into bed and you are done with the routine.  I know you are supposed to brush your teeth and wash your face before hopping in, but as a kid and a young adult – that just seemed like too much work. Continue reading

Making Time

grandchildrenIn a real perfect world, this is what I should do as a nighttime routine:  First make sure the kitchen is clean, the dishwasher either full or emptied, the cupboards clear of stuff, and the dogs let out one last time for a potty break, lights turned off, doors locked, teeth brushed, nighttime pills are taken, help my husband with his drugs, CPAP machine, prayers, lights off. Continue reading

No BS Weight Loss

I’ve always had a poor body image about myself.  From feelings of being too thin to feelings of being overweight, I have never been happy about how my body looked. Continue reading

Red Tray Diet

I have been a yoyo dieter. Throughout my life, my weight has gone up and down and up and down. Not dramatically really. Most people probably would say that I’ve weighed about the same throughout my life. As an adult, my high and low weights have differed by about 35 pounds or so.

But I know when I feel good. I know when my clothes fit and when I feel good in my skin. But that doesn’t mean that I’ve never struggled with body image or dieting. Continue reading

Stringbean No More

When I was a kid, I was a string bean. I could eat anything and never gained a pound.  The only “diet” I practiced at this time was drinking malts before I went to bed to try to gain a few pounds. Continue reading