Home is Where the Heart is


Our First Home

As a teenager, I always said, “When I am eighteen I am out of here.”  Well, guess what, out of my family I am the only one that has never left.  I have lived in the same town my whole life, have moved only four times, and owned two homes (not including vacation properties).   I moved from my childhood home to an apartment when married, then from there to a new tri-level, and then to a two-story which I am still residing in.

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Dorm Sweet Dorm


Picture from the Eau Claire newspaper

My first dorm room was really something to see.  During summer orientation, Janelle, our moms, and I went to Eau Claire to get the lay of the land and much to my delight, they gave us a floor plan of our dorm room.  By the time we had driven the 3 hours home, I already had it all figured out where everything was going to go (complete with measurements).   Continue reading

Home Sweet Home

When I considered moving back to my hometown, we had a real estate agent show us house after house in our price range. All were in good neighborhoods, but considered “fixer-uppers”. Then he showed us a red brick home in the heart of downtown and we were in love.

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The Long Road Home


Writing about the places I’ve lived, takes me down the long road home and overwhelms me to the max! I’ve moved seventeen times living in multiple states. To bring things down to a manageable number, I’ll focus on the last four. Continue reading

Time to Clean – Becoming a FlyLady

cleaningIf you are anything like me, I have a hard time wanting to clean my house.  I don’t enjoy cleaning at all.  Growing up, my mom did it right.  She had it set up that Lisa and I had jobs to do to clean the whole house by the time she came home from work.  I dusted and Lisa vacuumed.  On Saturdays, you didn’t do anything else until those jobs were done.   Continue reading

Wallpaper With a Twist


In our family, we all like to help each other with projects, especially home projects.  Just one word of warning.  If Sandy is creating be sure you understand the parameters of the project. We were asked to help wallpaper Michelle’s bathroom. That request sounded tame enough. Right??

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Orange is not for everyone!

Judy ColorAll of my life, as I remember it, I have been very aware of color. My older sister always looked so pretty, so for the first many years that I could choose colors, I copied her example. I constantly asked myself why I looked washed out and dumpy when she looked wonderful?

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What color are you?

What color are you?  What colors look best on you?  Back when I  was a teen, my mom and my god-mother took my girlfriend and I to “have our colors done”.  Some of you may ask “You had WHAT done?”  Well – the process of getting your colors done involves determining what colors look best on you.  (Color Me A Season)


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Color Me Green


When I was a kid, mom decorated my bedroom in pumpkin orange, mustard yellow, and avocado green. (I’m just gonna say it…I hated these colors!) There were lollipops painted in these colors with a ribbon on the sticks that made a headboard. I regularly hid the suckers under the bed in protest.

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