Shopping – ‘Chelle

I think I may be the only person in the world that hates shopping.  It totally stresses me out.  I can never think of something wonderful to get for the person I’m shopping for.  Or if I do think of something wonderful – by the time I actually need to get the present – I’ve forgotten what that wonderful thing is!!

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Girls’ Weekend – ‘Chelle

We have a bi-annual Girls’ weekend shopping trip that we go on, where all the women in my family (of all ages).

Girls' Weekend - 2004

Twice a year, all the women in my family (of all ages) and our girlfriends, go shopping in St. Charles, IL. We started this tradition around the time that I started having kids, so in the beginning, I was either pregnant, nursing, or had a toddler with me. In our family, if you are a boy, you only get to come on the adventure if you are under the age of 3. Once you hit that age, you are banned from coming. Now… if you are lucky enough to be a girl, you get to come as long as you are fun to have around. Continue reading

Girls’ Weekend – Lisa

I go on a junket called “Girls’ Weekend” the first weekend of every October and the first weekend of May. The focus of the weekend is the flea market.  There are tv shows about the adventure of “flea marketing”.  In the shows, people find treasures, then change them up to resell for a profit.  There are magazines dedicated to “flea market style” where market items are used to add bling, pop, or interest to a room or a remodel.  Continue reading