Dates to Remember

family poemsWe all have dates we’ll always remember

One of mine comes up in September

September 22 was the date that mom passed

The memory of her forever will last Continue reading

Give Me Aladdin’s Lamp

One of my favorite Disney movies is Aladdin.  I love Robin Williams’s portrayal of the genie.  He has so many great lines and it makes me laugh every time I watch that movie.  While watching that movie, I’ve often thought, “What would I wish for if I had 3 wishes?” Continue reading

Winning the Lottery

I know, “Winning the Lottery” was not supposed to be the theme for this week’s sidetracked post. I guess it was my turn to break the rules or in further transparency, it looks like I wasn’t listening when the topic was discussed. In my defense, I’ve never been much of a believer in Genies in or out of a bottle or in the Pot of Gold at the end of the Leprechauns’ rainbow. But I have known people who won the lottery. Continue reading

Three Wishes … No Thank You

Okay, for some crazy reason, maybe a genie, a shooting star, maybe a fairy, birthday candles, or perhaps a leprechaun unbelievably grants me three wishes.

What would I wish?

Now, I have never bought a lottery ticket.

I was once given tokens to spend as part of a weekend package that included a visit to a casino. I gave the tokens away.

So this opportunity will be a real challenge for me. How big or small should I wish? Well…

Health, wealth, and happiness are the first things that come to mind. Continue reading

Happy, Healthy and Successful


If I had three wishes:

My first wish would be that as I always say when I wish on a star, birthday cake candle, or whatever it is that needs a wish is that my family and friends would all be happy, healthy, and successful. Continue reading

Shopping Sucks

I think I may be the only person in the world that hates shopping.  It totally stresses me out.  I can never think of something wonderful to get for the person I’m shopping for.  Or if I do think of something wonderful – by the time I actually need to get the present – I’ve forgotten what that wonderful thing is!!

Continue reading

Flea Market Adventures

We have a bi-annual Girls’ weekend shopping trip that we go on, where all the women in my family (of all ages).

Girls' Weekend - 2004

Twice a year, all the women in my family (of all ages) and our girlfriends, go shopping in St. Charles, IL. We started this tradition around the time that I started having kids, so in the beginning, I was either pregnant, nursing, or had a toddler with me. In our family, if you are a boy, you only get to come on the adventure if you are under the age of 3. Once you hit that age, you are banned from coming. Now… if you are lucky enough to be a girl, you get to come as long as you are fun to have around. Continue reading