Time to Eat Spaghetti!

I always said I needed to be a Mom like I needed to eat spaghetti…Not at all!

I was delighted when Sandy got pregnant and proceeded to nurture my niece, Lisa, as my surrogate, spoiling her rotten with the benefit of handing her back when I was done.  I was totally pleased when my 2nd niece, Michelle arrived. Perfect, another little girl to spoil.

Then I moved away – Texas, California; and my little girls became big girls without me.  When I finally married my special friend and soul mate, something deep inside started to change.  It was less a biological clock and more a “this is right” feeling.

I’d been told by doctors that I couldn’t have children – that it would take medical stuff.  My husband and I took a drive one day and he shared that if I wanted to be a Mom he would totally support me in that goal.

Miracle of miracles…3 weeks after celebrating our 1st Wedding Anniversary, I began complaining of feeling awful – too tired to move, ached all over, crying at the drop of a hat – you guessed it… I was pregnant.  It was the first and only time in my life.  Even with gestational diabetes, I clicked into 8 months of feeling better than I had in my life.  The miracle took over.  I had all the tests for scary stuff and when the nurse called and told me “you are having a healthy baby boy”, I sobbed until the mascara ran and my heart grew 3 sizes that day.  I was almost 40, terrified of what was to come and happier than I could ever remember.

Our son was born June 10, 1988 by C Section.  My rusty old body just wouldn’t cooperate any other way.  I never thought he would be so beautiful…and then the magic began.


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