Frequently Asked Questions

What’s in a membership?

The membership will include 1 book (BW interior, Color cover, 75 – 400 pages) and a year-long membership to the private Sidetracked Legacies Facebook group. In addition, you will receive monthly group training about writing your own legacy stories.

During our beta launch, members will also receive one-on-one coaching about writing their legacy story (up to 12 sessions) and lifetime membership in the private Sidetracked Legacies Facebook group.

Can I purchase extra books after my subscription is done? How?

Absolutely.  Once the initial book is purchased and sent, we will send a follow-up email with details.  Additionally, you can email to request additional copies.  The recommendation would be to order one copy to review before ordering additional copies.  If there are minor modifications that need to be made, we will accommodate those changes.

What do books look like?

The books will be 6” x 9”.  The font used will be Arial 12pt. We do allow formatting of the font, such as underlining, bold, and italics.  The books will have a color cover (your choice of paperback or hardcover) with your choice of a black and white or color interior.  These choices are made upon purchase of the membership.

To see a sample of an existing book, click here.

Can I customize the cover?

Prior to printing the book(s), you will be contacted with cover design choices.  You can include a cover picture, title, blurb for back cover and author(s) names.

Can I choose the questions?

You will be sent an email with a link to our question library and if you don’t identify with the question, you can click a link on the page to receive a new question.  If you need further questions, you can email to receive a list of questions from the previous month.  If these questions still don’t resonate with you, you can always come up with your own questions.

What are some sample questions?

You can review a sample of our questions by clicking here.

What happens if I miss a question?

You can go to the question library at any point and get a new question or you can choose your own topic to write about.

How do I submit my story?

To submit your story, simply “reply” to the weekly question email with your story content.  You can attach your story as a Google doc or Word doc, but NOT as a PDF.

What is the word and page limit to my stories?

Each story can be as long as you’d like, but keep in mind the maximum page limit to each book is 400 pages.  Books over 400 pages will be split into multiple volumes and an additional charge will be applied.

Can I include photos? How many can I add?

Absolutely. To include an image(s) with your story, you can insert it in your story or as an attachment to your reply email.  One thing to keep in mind, is usually 1 to 2 pictures are appropriate to include with your story.  Including too many pictures will cause your book to exceed the 400 page limit to each book.  When attaching pictures to your reply email, they should either be JPG or PNG formats.  Do not attach pictures as PDFs.  Images will be either printed at 300 dpi for high-resolution photos or 150 dpi for small photos.  Please edit, crop, or rotate your photos prior to sending them.

Can I include captions with my photos?

Sure thing. Simply include the caption below your picture or if your photos are attached to the reply email, clearly identify in the email what the caption should be.  Captions will be centered below each picture in the book.

Can I edit or add on to my stories?

If you desire to edit or add to a story that has already been submitted, please clearly identify in the email that this is an edit or addition to an existing story as opposed to a new story.

Can you ship internationally?

No. Sorry, we are unable to ship internationally at this time.

Can you respond in a foreign language?

No. Sorry, currently we are only able to respond in English.

What happens when my membership ends?

When your membership ends, you will be contacted with the option to print your final book(s) or renew your membership for another year.  For members of our beta launch, access to our exclusive Sidetracked Legacies Facebook group will continue.  After our beta launch, membership to this exclusive community expires when the membership expires.  Books will not automatically be printed at the end of your membership.  When you have reviewed and approved the proof that is sent to you and also chosen your cover options, simply respond to the proof email with your approval and the printing process will begin.

After Your 1-year membership is concluded, you will have 1 (one) additional month in which to approve and finalize your book.

How will my story look in the printed book?

As your story is compiled, you will be given access to a private Google drive folder that will contain the most recent PDF version of your book.

What is your return policy?

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase.  We offer a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.  Printed books are unable to be refunded, returned or exchanged.

How long does it take for orders to be delivered?

Our shipping generally takes about 1 month after the final proof is approved.

We do not offer expedited or international shipping.

Can I change the order of my stories in the printed book?

You sure can!  Simply email and let us know about the changes you’d like to make.

Is it possible to write more than one story per week?

You bet!  You can submit as many stories as you want (one per week, one per day, one every other week, or even once a month).  You can go to the question library any time to retrieve other story prompts for that month.  Each month will contain a new variety of questions for your inspiration.

Can I purchase a membership for someone else?

Most definitely! When ordering, you will be prompted for membership information. Make sure to select that this is a membership for someone else and when you’d like the gift card sent to them.

Click here to begin your purchase.

How many storytellers can be included in one book?

You can include as many storytellers in your book, keeping in mind the maximum page count of 400 pages per book and the stories must all be submitted from the same email address.

What’s the approval process for completed book?

At the completion of the membership, an email will be sent with a final PDF proof to the storyteller.  At that time, the cover selection options will be presented, such as color, title, picture, author and back cover blurb.

Once the cover selections have been made, the final book will be printed.

Accessibility Information

The Sidetracked Sisters are committed to accessibility, diversity and inclusion.  Because of this, we want all of our community to have a positive experience creating their legacy stories. If you are having any struggles with your browsing experience, please contact the Sidetracked Sisters at and we will graciously assist you.