Who is Sandy?

I Am Sandy

I am one of four of the Sidetracked Sisters.  I am, unfortunately, the oldest and seem to be the most challenged at my computer skills.  This is a learning process for me.  I love learning new things, but this is often very nerve-wracking.

I find that I am slightly OCD.  I like things to be organized, clean, and under control.  Guess what, this does not seem to be accomplished as I would like very often.  We are four women, over the age of fifty, four of us are sisters.  There is my sister and me, and my two daughters.  We have always had a great relationship, not without a few bumps in the road, but enjoy being together.  We thought it fun to share our somewhat hysterical, unorganized, and crazy life with those interested out there.  Thereby creating “Sidetracked Sisters”  In the past we started doing craft shows.  We have so many different interests, and this was a really fun outlet.  As time passed, adoption happened, children’s responsibilities, life took over, we had to refocus ourselves and decided to write this blog.

I, for one, find it important to accomplish something every day.  I am never one to just waste a day.  When I do this I have this very unfulfilled feeling which I don’t like.  I love most of all, family, friends, gardening, decorating, creating, reading, and some traveling.  I was a paralegal for 56 years and truly enjoyed my chosen field.  It has taken a bit of time to adjust to not having a specific schedule and deadlines.  

One of my most accomplished events besides having two wonderful daughters, who have given me six super grandchildren, I have been able to obtain a cottage on Lake Michigan.  This has been a dream of mine for many years.  I always said, “I want a shack on the beach on Lake Michigan”.  Be careful what you wish for as we were able to obtain another cottage (log cabin) next door to our cottage.  This was truly the shack, a total redo project.  It took us four years and we now have a wonderful rental that we also enjoy when it is not rented.  Who would have thought?  

Life has been good to me, and I feel truly blessed.

Sidetracked Sisters

Sidetracked Sisters is a foursome of family members who love to get together, talk incessantly for hours, have big ideas that go in all different directions, no two seem to be the same.  We are two sets of sisters and have always been close.  Two of these characters are my daughters and one is my sister.  It creates hours of fun, hysteria, and lots of laughs and, yes, sometimes tears.  We are very diverse in our personalities and styles and that creates lots of “interesting” discussions, chat sessions, and more often than not some hysteria.

Who are the Sidetracked Sisters?

Who Is Sandy

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