Who is Sandy?

I Am Sandy

I am the oldest and greatest of the Sidetracked Sisters.  I love organization, although often find it hard to achieve this.  I love to be around people on my terms, especially family, and generally love to have fun, even at other’s expense.  I love to create and have the need to accomplish something on a daily basis.  I love to be outside and feel I am very blessed by having a wonderful family and great friends.   I love to spend time at our cottage.  I am a very impromptu person which causes some usually “interesting” results.   I love gardening, walking, reading,  biking and being near the water.  Put me on the ocean (big water) with a good book and you might never see me again.  I am also a bit of a control freak and find it hard to control four households (mine and the other Sidetracked Sisters)!!!!   I should also point out that I have been a paralegal for 51 years.  I enjoy my work.  It gives me a feeling of accomplishment and self worth.   I also love being a Mom and “Granny” as I am often referred as.   I always say, “I can’t imagine life without me”.  Just kidding – no I’m not!   There isn’t enough time to do all the things I would love to do, so I get my book by the lake, or on my patio,  and “just read”.

Sidetracked Sisters
Sidetracked Sisters is a foursome of family members who love to get together, talk incessantly for hours, have big ideas that go in all different directions, no two seemingly to be the same.  We are two sets of sisters and have always been close.  Two of these characters are my daughters and one is my sister.  It creates hours of fun, hysteria and  lots of laughs and, yes, sometimes tears.  We  are very diverse in our personalities and styles and that creates lots of “interesting” discussions, chat sessions.and more often than not some hysteria.
Who Is Sandy

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