Through My Mentor’s Eyes

mentorGrowing up, my mom was private about girl stuff and things I should be aware of. My older sister Sandy and I shared a room and she was the one I went to with questions about life and guys and relationships. I was shy growing up and Sandy’s advice helped me to handle a variety of situations. I knew she always had my back although she did tease me a bit first. Continue reading

Unexpected Mentor

mentorHaving worked in a law office for 56 years one would hope that I learned a lot.  Actually, I worked for my current boss’s dad for twenty-three of those 56 years and learned an awful lot.  Bruce was his name and he loved to teach.  This was fortunate for me as I came to the office without a college degree, having just graduated from high school.  I was the only secretary he had for a long time and while training me he was very good at teaching me why things had to be done a certain way and then how to accomplish this.   He also gave me free rein once I had certain projects down pat.   Continue reading

A Mentor For Life

a mentor for lifeIn talking about mentors, I keep coming up with one person who has consistently been there for me for my whole life. She has known me from birth through the present. Sometimes she has lived close, at other times on the other side of the country. I’ve always looked up to her and admired her for the ways she’s embodied and encouraged me to be adventurous, self-confident, and independent… Continue reading

Stop Being Paranoid

paranoidOne of the biggest mentors I had in my life was my sister Lisa, but I’ve already written about her, so let’s give someone else the spotlight.  During my time working at a local bank, I had an amazing mentor come into my life.  She was a challenging person, but very smart, and dedicated and it was my goal to make her happy. Continue reading

Teasing Teenagers

teasingPicture this…  I’m 14 years old.  It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m having a date night with my boyfriend, Sam.  Lisa and Tom are in the next room chaperoning us (as much as you can chaperone from the other room).  Sam and I are kissing and before I know it, his hand is creeping under my shirt… Continue reading

To Know Me is to Love Me

teenagerAnyone who says being a kid or much less a teenager is fun has never been one.  Well, my remembrance of being a teenager sort of makes me shudder.  I was one of those kids that most parents would, at times, never want.  I was rebellious, didn’t like the word “no”, hated restrictions, and liked to do anything at least once to see if it was worth doing again. Continue reading

Shy and Unhappy Teenager

teenagerI remember being very excited about becoming a teenager but for the life of me, I didn’t know why.

My first memory of my teenage years was standing on the front steps of the Junior High waiting for the doors to open. It was the first day of 7th grade. I had grown four inches over the summer. I towered over most of my classmates that I remembered from 6th grade. Continue reading

Not Yet a Grown-Up

This is the worst topic. Why? Because it exposes how scary this time is in anyone’s life. And right now, my daughter Aubrey is in the middle of her thirteenth year. There are six more years of her teenagehood ahead of us. I remember the struggle of that age and how confused I was about my place in the world. For me, it was a time of questioning, trying out different personas, and worrying about the future. Continue reading

Words Matter

I have been going through unusual trials recently. My husband, Michael is very ill. There have been several people that have sent notes either by text, email, or snail mail, that have warmed my heart and have caused me to feel cared about and yes, loved. Continue reading