Who is ‘Chelle?

Who is ‘Chelle?

Well – it depends on who you ask…  Because I’m writing this – I guess you get MY opinion of who I am.  First, I am a mother of 3.  My kids keep me going, drive me crazy, but I love them dearly.  Second, I am a computer engineer.  I’ve worked in the computer industry for the past 20 years doing everything from building/repairing computers and training to setting up networks.  As my kids say – I’m a computer geek.  I love working with computers.  Some might even say I’m obsessed with them.    In addition to those things – I’m also a wife, daughter and sister.  I am not an outdoorsy type of person and I HATE gardening!!  My ideal thing to do is to organize my office and then show someone how wonderfully I’ve organized it.  My other two favorite things to do are reading and sleeping.  There is nothing quite as wonderful as snuggling in a comfy bed and reading until you fall asleep…  AAAHHHH – nirvana!


Sidetracked Sisters

On the idea of being a sister leads me to Sidetracked Sisters.  You may ask, “What is Sidetracked Sisters?”  Well – we are 2 sets of sisters that truly embody the word “Sidetracked”.  When we get together, we have a very hard time staying on one topic.  Frequently one topic will start and before that can be completed, someone has already moved onto the next topic.  We love each other dearly, but also love to pick on each other just as much.  One of us is a control freak, one of us is a little flighty, one of us is sensitive and the other is analytical.  When I give these descriptions – I have certain sisters in mind.  Now – tomorrow – if asked to classify the sisters again – it will be a different sister that is the control freak, a little flighty, sensitive and analytical.  We are all very much alike but also very different. 

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