Alexa – Let There Be Light!

daylight savingsPicture this:  I’m living in Waukesha and it’s time to get ready for work.  I take my shower and put myself together for a day of training.  I wake up the baby, feed him, and get him cleaned up.  We go to the parking garage, get in the car, and drive to the garage door.  As it opens up, I see that the sun hasn’t even started to rise.  It’s standard time and I’m feeling like I’m ahead of the game for the day because I’m up and ready even before the sun has risen. Continue reading

The Day Feels Longer

There is a lot of controversy regarding whether to keep daylight savings time in effect.

I love the time change in the spring giving us more daylight hours.  I would love to see it kept that way all the time.  I am not a morning person, so when it is light for a longer time I love it.  I am notoriously late and one time when daylight savings time started in the spring I was going to church.  I was going to be on time.  Got to the parking lot and no one else was there.  A friend of mine drove next to my car and just laughed.  Daylight savings time had started the night before and I was one hour early.  So this shows that I am not always late. Continue reading

I Remember When

daylight savings timeI have never been a morning person. I look forward to Spring, even though I lose an hour with Daylight Saving Time. I do enjoy the extra daylight hours in the evening. When we hit the “fall back” time, I enjoy the extra hour of sleep. Although, once daylight saving time ends, it gets dark so early that I feel like I’m living in Alaska.  Continue reading


tap danceSeveral years ago, before Michael and I were married, I hung out with a group of people who were full of fun. The group consisted of 4 couples. We all had professional careers and we loved to go out together and be silly.

When we were together and things got too boisterous, the manager or owner would always come up to ME and say something like “YOU look responsible. Could you please ask your group to quiet down?”. I never understood why I was selected to be the disciplinarian.  Continue reading

Poop Happens

poopNot everyone is able to handle baby poop, but for a mom – it’s not such a big deal.  I did a lot of babysitting as a young teenager and was very accustomed to dealing with a baby’s needs.  As a new mom – I never thought that not everyone has the same mentality about babies that I did. Continue reading

Learn From Yesterday

Have you ever had the question in your head, “What has this taught me?”  That’s how I tend to look at my younger self.  As Walt Disney once said – “The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it.” Continue reading

Time Heals?

time heals“Time heals all wounds”…I’ve given some thought to this famous quote and decided that it is a harmful “old wives” tale.

My perspective is based on personal experience. Having lived more than a half-century. I have a wealth of experiences under my belt that have harmed, hurt, or negatively influenced me in one way or another. 

What I can say for time, with regard to healing emotional pain is that it serves two purposes. but falls short in one major way… Continue reading

It All Counts

time mattersWith the passing of time, I realize that time is not infinite. I have often thought that if I wasted a day, it was no big deal. I now realize that it all counts. I need to value my time and make sure that I accomplish items of progress each day. Continue reading

I Feel Good

I can choose to be happy. 

It all started when I was a child. Every Saturday, Michelle and I would do our housekeeping chores. But we would have additional cleaning responsibilities if we were having guests or before holidays. During those times, mom would be present and I remember these times well. 

She would explain the importance and urgency of the chores. I think my sister and I were low on the continuum of “buy-in”. Then to encourage us, before turning us loose, Mom would always, always say, “Alright girls, let’s get this house cleaned up…and let’s have fun!”

I don’t think this actually worked in my child’s mind, but it has affected me deeply in adulthood.

You see, I know I get to choose my happiness–or not. It all depends on the thoughts I purposefully think.

Let me explain. Continue reading