50th Birthday – Setting Goals for the Year

OMG – this year will mark my 50th birthday.  Thinking about this has brought to mind some things that need to change and some goals I need to achieve.  I’m currently single, overweight, and will soon have no kids at home.  It’ll be just me and the animals.  Do I want to spend the next part of my life in the same way that I’ve been living?  Continue reading

My Latest “AHA” Moment

Aha Moment


I sat down at my desk and opened my daily calendar. Suddenly it hit me. Today is April 4, 2019, and I am turning 70 years old. Most of the people I know, who are my age, seem to have their act together. Several friends own lovely cabins up North. People I graduated from High School with have substantial pensions and retirement funds. Others have retired and are traveling and seeing the world. I always thought I would be enjoying these things too. Instead, I was still working at the bank and as much as I enjoyed helping others reach their goals, working at the bank was no longer one of mine.

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Retirement Reality

Retirement RealityMy aha moment came many weeks, months, after my retirement last year.  I realized it after 56 years of working as a paralegal/legal secretary for the same firm my boss retired and the office closed. It is hard to break old habits, like cleaning at night and on weekends, never having any free time without feeling guilty, and being able to have some free time for myself.  My aha moment came when one day many months later I realized, while I was on a road trip with a friend, that I didn’t have any real-time constraints other than my family needing me to come back for things such as cleaning, cooking, driving grandkids around, you know, the usual.  We were driving along and I thought aha, I am on my own at this moment and don’t have to go to work. No one was expecting me to get out a will, do divorce papers, real estate documents, correspondence, and the list goes on.  

First of all, I felt I am too young to retire.  I am 75 years old. I am in good health, good mind on most days, and energetic.  I love to see and greet people, and I really liked my job as a paralegal. So, to just up and stop what I had been doing all this time was, to say the least interesting, relaxing, and confusing all at the same time…  

Retirement is great, even though I really haven’t figured it out yet.  The process put me behind doing all those things you say you want to do when you have time, but no time to do them.  The truth, I believe, we never really wanted to do them in the first place. These projects include updating my paperwork, organizing my house, getting our reno cabin items painted, etc. But, with time I am getting it. (How to piss away a day). It is also winter and actually that is good. It keeps me focused in fewer places than my love of the outside in the summer.

Whenever I see an ad for a legal secretary or something in that field, I think, “Maybe I should try out for that”.  That’s when my aha moment hits me again. I am retired and should be doing other things that I never could do before for lack of time.  I find that I still clean at night as that is what you do when you work and have not got on any schedule which I am told I am supposed to do.  Did I mention that I hate schedules? That was the hardest part of working, having to do things on a schedule. I sure accomplished a lot of things on that schedule. Now I basically can do what I want and if I want. At the present time, I am not doing too well at accomplishing what I feel I need to get done.  

Anyways, my aha moment is a life-altering transition from one busy schedule to just another.  Also, for me, I feel the mind is 30, but the body is 80. My aha moment of retirement is a (life-changing event) and is still in the process of being figured out.  

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Want a Friend? Be a Friend!

BeingFriendWhen I was a little girl, I always felt like I didn’t have any friends. I was raised in a neighborhood of all boys. Play revolved around playing cowboys and Indians and other games that involved me being the only girl.  I must say since I was the only one with cowboy boots and a holster set, I often played a lead role.  I would pretend to be Roy Rogers or The Lone Ranger. Most of the boys were younger and smaller than I was so they didn’t argue with me. They followed my lead.

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Will You Marry Me?

My Best ComplimentWhat is a compliment?

This can come in many ways. It could be when you were asked to prom, homecoming, or more exciting a marriage proposal.

I think my best compliment was my wedding proposal. Even though, in my case, it was when we were very young, but, guess what it is still working. Sometimes I don’t know how, but it is still in the working. I often kid that I need a medal, but, in fact, we both probably do. We have figured how to make this union work.

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Love or Hate Cell Phones

smashed cellWho has a love/hate relationship with their cell phones?

Well, first of all, I hate the cost of these stupid things. My gosh my rent used to be $65.00 per month.  I know, that was in the dark ages! Now to get an updated phone that does lots of things, costs ten times that per month. You’ve got to be kidding!!!!

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Stupid Jokes – I can never remember them anyway!

bitmoji-20191022081812Stupid Jokes – I can never remember them anyway!

O.K. there are a lot of jokes out there that are funny I must admit. I happen to have a significant other, a/k/a husband, who loves to tell jokes. How he remembers so many is beyond me. I hear a joke which I actually feel I should share and, of course, I can’t remember the stupid joke.

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Damn! I’m FUNNY!!

LaughingHard“Rectum?  Damn near killed him!”  –   “Liquor?  I hardly know her!”

These are my two favorite jokes – or rather punch lines to jokes.  I don’t know where I first heard either of these or what the actual jokes are, but I find both so funny.  I don’t care how often I say them – they always make me chuckle.  After years of hearing these over and over, my kids just roll their eyes and tell me I’m not very funny.

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