Indecisive Decisions

careerThe lack of a clear career path kept me from following through and going to college. At first, I wanted to be a clothing designer but I had none of the natural skills to make this work. I thought about being a veterinarian because I loved animals, but I couldn’t get excited about the necessary years of schooling. Continue reading

The Day That Shook Our World

My husband and I were living in Napa, Ca. Our one-year-old son, Matt was in his eight-sided play area. Our dog, Nikki, was asleep on the bed and Michael had just gotten back from a business meeting in San Francisco.

We were all set to watch a world series game between the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland Athletics. It was October 17, 1989. Without warning, the TV screen went black and turned to static. The dog stood up on the bed and looked around with wild eyes. Matt started to cry and Michael, who was concentrating on a business report said “Judy, would you get the dog away from my chair? She keeps bumping it and I can’t type.”

Nikki was nowhere near Michael’s chair. I leaned over to lift Matt out of the play area and got so dizzy, I thought I was going to fall over. Simultaneously Michael and I looked at each other and said “earthquake”. Continue reading

Bicycle Built for Two

bicycleI think I had three two-wheeled bikes over my childhood. The first one was my least memorable. It was painted a rusty color and had a triangle-shaped kickstand on the back wheel. I disliked this bike from the day it arrived and I begged mom and dad for a new bike. The tires kept going flat and it was very hard to steer. Continue reading

Flirting with Rotten Eggs

I was never much of a flirt in grade school. I was the youngest of three girls and I had no experience talking with my male classmates. They made me nervous and scared me to death. Continue reading

Hop Aboard the Wine Train

wine trainHop aboard the Wine Train – We were in Napa, Ca. Mom and her sister Hyacinth were visiting from Wisconsin. They had arrived by way of the Golden Zephyr out of Milwaukee and I had picked them up at the train station in Alameda, Ca. Continue reading

Worry – A Wasted Emotion

worryOne of the first self-help books I read in my twenties was written by Dr. Wayne Dyer. He discussed guilt and worry as being the two most wasted emotions. He explained that guilt was about the past and worry was about things to happen in the future. Both of these emotions are out of our control unless we learn from past mistakes, rid ourselves of guilt, and take appropriate action to eliminate worry in the future. Continue reading

What Do You Do With Little Boys?

When I got pregnant for the one time in my life, I was so excited. It didn’t occur to me to want a girl or boy. I just wanted a healthy baby.

Several months later, I had the amniocentesis and we were asked if we wanted to know the sex. We both said YES! I was at work when the hospital called to tell me that 1. We had a healthy baby and 2. The baby was a boy. Continue reading

The House That Could Have Been

dream houseWhen we were planning on returning to Wisconsin, we found out that a doctor was selling his practice and his home. I called him that night and after ½ hour of discussion, I made him an offer at his full asking price. I knew this house very well because when I was growing up, my best girlfriend’s family designed and built it. It was built with the Frank Lloyd Wright vibe. There were large windows, vaulted ceilings, and unique features like a second-floor living room, a large backyard with gardens, and an inground swimming pool. Continue reading

My Favorite PJs (or Lack Thereof)

I was recently talking with friends at work. We were discussing buying Christmas gifts for their kiddos. They said the latest trend is to buy 4 gifts for each child: #1 something they need, #2 something they want, #3 something to read, and #4 something to wear. Continue reading

Stringbean No More

When I was a kid, I was a string bean. I could eat anything and never gained a pound.  The only “diet” I practiced at this time was drinking malts before I went to bed to try to gain a few pounds. Continue reading