Little Red Swimsuit

My body used to think the only piece of clothing I owned was a swimsuit.  I worked at the YMCA as a lifeguard and swimming instructor.  My “uniform” was a red one-piece swimsuit covered by my red YMCA jacket. When I wasn’t wearing my work suit, I was wearing a bikini, or a two-piece suit and sailing or water skiing on Beaver Dam Lake. I always felt proud of the way I filled out my suit. Continue reading

Memorable Firsts with a Memorable Guy

firstsWhen I was young, I was very intimidated by guys. My siblings were all female and I seldom saw my one male cousin. When I was in seventh grade, I began going to dances at the Junior High School. My girlfriends all had guy crushes and they were always reciprocated. Continue reading

I Can Be Complicated

complicatedThree words to describe me would have to be a gross simplification! I can be a bit complicated!   

  •  I find myself to be extremely curious. When I’m at a staff meeting at work or talking to one of my friends, I often have questions about what has been discussed or communicated. I find myself to be very curious about the purpose or meaning of what was said.

Continue reading

The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil

Love of moneyWhen I was a little girl, I didn’t think much about money. I received a small allowance which went into my piggy bank.  From time to time, Mom would take me to the bank to deposit my money. I enjoyed watching my savings grow and to be honest, I don’t remember what I used it for.  Each birthday and Christmas, I would receive money from my relatives and it was earmarked for the savings account.  Continue reading

My Bucket List in Retrospect

bucketOne of the things to do today is to compose a bucket list. Perhaps I have a very simple mind or am very satisfied with my life but as I start this writing, I don’t have one. Perhaps, I could write down my list in retrospect. Maybe because I’m one of the older Sidetracked Sisters, I have already accomplished some of the items that would be on my “Bucket List”.  Continue reading