Avoiding Bedtime

bedtimeIt has been rumored that I stay up very late at night. It seems I will do anything to avoid getting ready for bed. I read, watch TV, start picking up at all hours, look at Facebook and spend the next day feeling tired.

Why do I do this? I don’t like getting ready for bed. It takes too long and yet if I miss a step, I suffer from good old-fashioned guilt. Makes no sense since I am the one that suffers the next day. Continue reading

Great People Make Great Teachers

teachersI was taught at an early age that teachers were meant to be respected. All through grade school, I had teachers that I felt positive about. I loved school and identified with each of them. In elementary school, I looked up to our music teacher. She was very positive and taught us to be proud of ourselves and our voices.  Continue reading

It All Counts

time mattersWith the passing of time, I realize that time is not infinite. I have often thought that if I wasted a day, it was no big deal. I now realize that it all counts. I need to value my time and make sure that I accomplish items of progress each day. Continue reading

Happy State of Mind

happy mindsetFor most of my life, I’ve heard people talk about their goals, and many of them say “I just want to be happy”. My opinion of this goal is that many people are not happy because they don’t choose to be happy. When you live your life with an attitude of happiness, you can weather difficult times and still remain in balance. Continue reading

Authentic Aries

AriesThe Aries woman is honest, driven, competitive, and energetic. At least many of the Aries women have these traits. 

I find myself exhibiting the shadow side of many of the Aries qualities. For example, I carry a secret insecurity that creates intense stress and pressure for me. On the surface, I appear confident, competitive, and driven. In truth, appearances can be deceiving. Inside, I am often feeling anxious and inadequate. This surprises the people I know well because they say they don’t understand why.  Continue reading

A Secret From Dad

swimmingI always wanted to learn to swim. For some reason, my dad repeatedly intervened and said no. It was very frustrating. Finally, I went to Mom and asked what was up with Dad. She told me the secret. Dad was afraid of water.  Continue reading

Building Confidence

building confidenceThe topic of “What is something you always wanted to learn how to do?” brings up a whole boatload of ideas. T thought I wanted to write about my desire to be someone who could build things or even go so far as becoming a contractor. For example today, I was looking at the four tiers of spices sitting on my cupboard.  Continue reading

Starting the Dream at 36

I had major speed bumps and difficult times in my childhood and early adulthood. When I turned 30, things started to improve and gel. When I reached 36, things got downright amazing.  Continue reading

Easier Said Than Done

simplifying lifeSimplifying my life now would take some heavy-duty work. I have no concerns about wanting to eliminate people from my life. There is not one person in my family or among my friends that I would want to live without. Continue reading

The Search for Goodson Mountain

Goodson mountainOne of my favorite trips with my husband Michael was our trip to Galax, Virginia for his brother Rodger’s funeral. I had heard so many stories about Galax, Virginia, Michael and Rodger’s dad Price Goodson and about the land they call Goodson’s Mountain. I always thought it was an exaggeration, but it turned out to be as true as the stories. Continue reading