I’d Rather Be Camping

campingThrough the years I have discovered that my absolute favorite outdoor activity is camping.  I especially love tent camping unless, of course,  it is raining.  This can make it a little uncomfortable unless you are savvy about how to set your tent up to avoid leaking. Continue reading

A Vacation Story

Lik-M-Aid ……..check

Dots on a page ……check

Bag of Brach’s Candy …….check

Why am I writing a vacation story about candy? Because, when we went on vacation, it was to see Grandma in Black Earth and the only time we were given permission to eat candy.

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Vacation Thoughts Down on Paper

It’s been months plus since I’ve written for our blog. Life has been hectic and time scarce and the writer lazy. It’s time to reconnect and get back to putting thoughts down on paper.

The last 10 days have been spent in Door County with the other Sidetracked Sisters and our families. It reinforces for me that family time is a heavenly time and being at the cottage in Door County makes it even better. Some went horseback riding; there was girls’ day spent shopping, lunching, and enjoying each other; some of us played mini-golf; there were daily swims and time at the beaches; dog walks, and much-needed downtime to read, rest and relax.

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Lifetime Vacationing

In “My day” I never thought of going to Europe, Mexico, Alaska, or wherever for a vacation in the summer, not to mention in the winter months.

My family only took a “vacation” to either paint the house, do the lawn work, or go to the big metropolis of Black Earth, WI, to see my father’s parents.  My father was a salesman and when he was home you couldn’t get him out of his recliner to save your soul, much less leave in a car for a family vacation.

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Onion Sandwiches

When I was a child, we went camping every summer. Camping as in TENT camping… The dads were responsible for breakfast…bacon, eggs, hash browns on a little propane camp stove for about 10  people. The smell…aaaahhhh. (Close your eyes and smile. Pause.) The best alarm clock ever.  The kids would then take off for a day of bicycle adventures, tanning at the pool, mini-golf, and gift shop exploring.  The dads hung out at the camp site.  The moms went shopping…antiquing, I think.  Around 2ish, we kids would start to get hungry.  VERY. HUNGRY.  Going back to the camp site, we pillaged the Twinkies, chips, and (if we were lucky) onion sandwiches. Continue reading

Childhood Camping Memories

TentWhen I think of my childhood vacations, I always come back to the visual of camping with our family and another family. When we would arrive at the campsite, the parents would throw the kids their swimsuits and then we would disappear while they set everything up. When we came back a few hours later – nirvana in the form of a campsite was arranged.

We had a huge 14-man canvas tent with an orange and green striped top. The other family we were with had a camper. Everything had a particular place and was always organized the same from year to year.

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Smokey Smelling Sleeping Bags and Campfire Songs

Camping…growing up, I lived for tent camping every summer.  I like the smell of a smoky sleeping bag, the feel of a squishy air mattress protecting me from the bumpy ground, and the sound of a zipper closing for the night.  
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Raccoons Don’t Eat Dill Pickles

Whenever I tell people that I love to camp they look at me strangely and say “you don’t look like the camping type”.  Then they ask “Do you have an RV?” to which I reply “No, we sleep in a tent!”  At that point my credibility is suspect.  No matter. My happy memories are amazing. Continue reading