Indecisive Decisions

careerThe lack of a clear career path kept me from following through and going to college. At first, I wanted to be a clothing designer but I had none of the natural skills to make this work. I thought about being a veterinarian because I loved animals, but I couldn’t get excited about the necessary years of schooling. Continue reading

More Than a Secretary

careerWould you believe that while growing up I wanted to be a housewife and mother? I lived in a wonderful place with a group of stay-at-home moms and housewives.  They made this sound like such a fulfilling, relaxing, and happy life.  This was in the fifties and women that I knew didn’t work out of the home.  We lived in an Ozzie and Harriet atmosphere. Continue reading

Computer Geek at Heart

computersWhen I was a little kid, I always wanted to be a teacher.  I loved the idea of imparting my wisdom to others and knowing more about things than my students did.  I always looked up to my teachers and wanted that admiration as well.  As I got older, I decided there was no way I was going to be able to teach little kids.  I love little kids, but their goofiness can get tiresome.  Middle school kids are too hormone riddled to handle and high school kids are too close to adults and many show teachers no respect.  So where did that leave me? Continue reading

Newspaper to the Rescue

tornadoApril 7th, 1980.  I was 9 years old and was heading to Grandma Is’s house after school.  Grandma’s house was only 2 blocks from school and I made the journey without any challenges.  It was a beautiful spring day.  Not a cloud in the sky.  At least not yet. Continue reading

Save the Pets!

I survived the Beaver Dam tornado of 1980. Someone actually printed up a bunch of t-shirts with this brag–back in the day. 

I was riding my bike home from the Jr. High (Middle School) on this fateful day. As I was riding down Mary Street hill (the same hill from this post). I thought to myself, “Strange how the faster I ride, the stronger the wind blows.” It was like somehow my actions affected the atmosphere. They were correlated…

The sky was darkening to the west. The daylight took on a greenish cast…and then the tornado sirens went off just as I rode past the last few houses before turning into my own driveway. 

Was my first response to seek cover and head to the basement? No, of course not. My concern was for all of our pets. Continue reading

The Day That Shook Our World

My husband and I were living in Napa, Ca. Our one-year-old son, Matt was in his eight-sided play area. Our dog, Nikki, was asleep on the bed and Michael had just gotten back from a business meeting in San Francisco.

We were all set to watch a world series game between the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland Athletics. It was October 17, 1989. Without warning, the TV screen went black and turned to static. The dog stood up on the bed and looked around with wild eyes. Matt started to cry and Michael, who was concentrating on a business report said “Judy, would you get the dog away from my chair? She keeps bumping it and I can’t type.”

Nikki was nowhere near Michael’s chair. I leaned over to lift Matt out of the play area and got so dizzy, I thought I was going to fall over. Simultaneously Michael and I looked at each other and said “earthquake”. Continue reading

Sunny Skies and Tornados

tornadoThe only real natural event that I have ever been in was the tornado that touched down in Beaver Dam in the year 1980.   It was always felt that we would never be subject to a tornado because of the lake effect. In searching for the data on this tornado I note that this evidently is misinformation as there were others mentioned, just not memorable to me.  The tornado that I witnessed firsthand happened on April 7th, 1980.   Continue reading

Rusty But Wonderful

I don’t remember that my first bike was an important item to the rest of the family as it was to me.  You see, my older sister was a bookworm, not into physical activities such as bike riding.  I, on the other hand, loved to be outside and really loved to ride bikes, scooters, and roller skates.  In order for me to accomplish bike riding I actually had to go to a neighbor’s house who had adult children who left an old rusty bike in her garage.  She graciously let me ride this bike almost on a daily basis.  Continue reading

Make Way For A Landing

bicycleIt was the end of the summer before the second grade and Lisa and I were on our way home from Grandma Is’s house where we spent our summer days while mom was at work.  We were riding our bikes and because I was only 7, I usually rode on the sidewalk. Continue reading

Broken Vajayjay


When I was growing up, I loved having a bicycle. It offered freedom and adventure. I would ride my bike to friends’ houses and as necessary transportation. Back in the day, we didn’t wear helmets. I was responsible in that my bike was registered with the city and it had a license sticker on the frame.

Generally speaking, I was a careful driver. I rode on the right-hand side of the road (not on the sidewalk) and used hand signals when I was turning. 

But there was this one time when I wasn’t as careful as I should have been…and I suffered the consequences. Continue reading