Uncle in the Attic? I Had an Aunt in the Garden

Aunt JoanOne family member that I feel kind of gets overlooked is my Aunt Joan.  She is the wife of a very, very, very interesting part of our family, my Uncle Lloyd. He is my father’s brother and we spent a lot of time with this family in Madison, WI. He was quite the guy, let’s say eccentric. His wife, Joan, had to be a saint to put up with him.  He was loved unconditionally by most of his family. Continue reading

My Dad – Ronald Meister

dadThe most interesting family member in my family is hard to choose. We all have our own idiosyncrasies and quirks. I decided to write about my dad, Ronald Meister. I didn’t get to know my dad as well as I would have liked.  He passed away suddenly when I was only twenty-three years old.  I had been away from home for several years prior to his death. Continue reading