Freedom and Jesus

Freedom in Jesus

I always knew I would go to college. It was more than growing up, more than the next step…it was freedom!

Actually, I didn’t even know there was an option. It wasn’t until years later that I discovered that my dad didn’t really believe that I would go…and graduate. (I’m kinda glad that no one ever shared that little detail with me.) Continue reading

Two Wrongs Can Make a Right

wrongsDo two wrongs really make a right? When I think of my experiences with Marriage, I think they can. Sometimes, we have omens that we should pay attention to.  Continue reading

59 Years and Counting

weddingWe got married quite young.  I was engaged as a senior in high school.  My fiancé at the time, now my husband of 59 years, was two years older than me.  We had dated on and off since I was 15.  Unbelievable.  They said it would never last. Continue reading

Details Worth Remembering

For so many, their wedding day is one of the most memorable events of their life.  For me, with my swiss cheese brain, the complete details are a bit lacking.  I do, however, remember a few details worth mentioning.

Wedding shoes

rememberingI was adamant that I would NOT go barefoot at my reception regardless of how my feet felt.  None of the shoes I found were anything that I liked, so  I found a simple pair of white satin heels and applied beaded appliques.  I hate it when brides are wearing a beautiful gown and then proceed to either barefoot or wear stupid comfortable shoes.  So – even though my feet were killing me, I kept my wedding heels on for the duration of the day.  (My toes were numb for the next week in Jamaica) Continue reading

Hamsters, Uncle Lloyd and Simple Math

hamstersI had been telling everyone in my family for months that I wanted a pair of hamsters. Dad said no. Mom said no and I was frustrated.  I was ten years old and I was fascinated by hamsters.  Continue reading

Uncle in the Attic? I Had an Aunt in the Garden

Aunt JoanOne family member that I feel kind of gets overlooked is my Aunt Joan.  She is the wife of a very, very, very interesting part of our family, my Uncle Lloyd. He is my father’s brother and we spent a lot of time with this family in Madison, WI. He was quite the guy, let’s say eccentric. His wife, Joan, had to be a saint to put up with him.  He was loved unconditionally by most of his family. Continue reading

My Dad – Ronald Meister

dadThe most interesting family member in my family is hard to choose. We all have our own idiosyncrasies and quirks. I decided to write about my dad, Ronald Meister. I didn’t get to know my dad as well as I would have liked.  He passed away suddenly when I was only twenty-three years old.  I had been away from home for several years prior to his death. Continue reading

Lisa Hoffman, an Introduction

I am an onion. Well, you know, not a REAL onion, I’m just talking metaphorically here.

As I age, each year wraps around and over the previous. Year by year memories are formed and covered with new layers.

I know, this whole onion person metaphor is kind of weird, but I really like onions, so work with me here…

Continue reading