The Day Feels Longer

There is a lot of controversy regarding whether to keep daylight savings time in effect.

I love the time change in the spring giving us more daylight hours.  I would love to see it kept that way all the time.  I am not a morning person, so when it is light for a longer time I love it.  I am notoriously late and one time when daylight savings time started in the spring I was going to church.  I was going to be on time.  Got to the parking lot and no one else was there.  A friend of mine drove next to my car and just laughed.  Daylight savings time had started the night before and I was one hour early.  So this shows that I am not always late. Continue reading

I Remember When

daylight savings timeI have never been a morning person. I look forward to Spring, even though I lose an hour with Daylight Saving Time. I do enjoy the extra daylight hours in the evening. When we hit the “fall back” time, I enjoy the extra hour of sleep. Although, once daylight saving time ends, it gets dark so early that I feel like I’m living in Alaska.  Continue reading