The Day Feels Longer

There is a lot of controversy regarding whether to keep daylight savings time in effect.

I love the time change in the spring giving us more daylight hours.  I would love to see it kept that way all the time.  I am not a morning person, so when it is light for a longer time I love it.  I am notoriously late and one time when daylight savings time started in the spring I was going to church.  I was going to be on time.  Got to the parking lot and no one else was there.  A friend of mine drove next to my car and just laughed.  Daylight savings time had started the night before and I was one hour early.  So this shows that I am not always late.

My mood is altered by light and dark.  So, for me to feel energetic and just plain good I need daylight and/or sunlight.  I don’t do well when it is dark and/or gloomy.  When there is no daylight savings it is not uncommon to have to go to work when it is dark and come home when it is dark.  This just doesn’t work for me. 

I have read that daylight savings time reduces crime, saves energy,  prevents traffic accidents, and helps prevent mental illness and heart attacks.  Having more daylight seems to help in many areas.

I have pointed out the positive areas of the clocks springing forward giving us more daylight.  So, I vote to keep daylight savings time permanently. 

Here’s to not being a  morning person. 

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