Hippy Dippy vs Healthy and Grounded

How do you “self-care”? 

Well, the first thing you need to know is “What IS self-care anyway? According to the Googles, it is “doing something that helps your body, mind or soul feel good”. 

Hippy Dippy

Oh god, this brings up visions of a bubble bath in a claw-footed tub, a meditation on an Indian-patterned pillow in a sunlit studio, yoga on an open patio overlooking the ocean, and long walks in an old-growth forest. So hippy-dippy, so self-indulgent and unrealistic.

Now, the other day, I was walking on a cool morning along a country road. The road was lined with dandelions. Millions and billions of dandelions. I know Evie and Stella (my Golden Retriever walking companions) thought I was crazy as I slowed down and began to take pictures. Then I reached down to one random flower/weed and plucked it. And you know what we used to do as kids? We would rub the flower under our chin and ask…”Do I like butter?” 
If there was yellow pollen on your neck, you did. Continue reading

Take Care of You for Me

self careI have always loved the words “take care of you for me and I’ll take care of me for you.” This is a principle that I had to learn over time. I am a pleaser and often would do things for friends or family to my detriment. Continue reading