Procrastination is My Middle Name

ChristmaI am the queen of procrastination.   I have a saying that I post at the office that says “Success is doing the things that we procrastinate doing in a timely fashion”.

I always seem to be able accomplish quite a few things when I am under stress, but as I get older, I find that procrastinating for a period of time only puts me in a very stressful straight of mind.

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There’s Always Tomorrow

Procrastination quoteAll my life I have been told I have “no sense of urgency”. What does that mean exactly and why is having “one” a good thing?

I watch the world around me fuss and fume and have a fit about getting everything done “on time”. Whose time exactly? Sometimes when I wait until I’m in the mood or I’ve thought a thing through in my head to start, the end result is a better one. I think I have a different view of the world. Often, I watch people hurry up and then wait with nothing to do.

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One Head Trip Without a Map

IMG_2970I wake up in the morning and have plans..plans to write, work on a creation, prepare for teaching.  But what do I do after my shower and when I’m dressed for the day? Do I go to the table, set up my materials and dig in? NO. Do I go up to my craft room and start playing? NO. Do I pull out my notebook, put my feet up and get writing? NO! Instead, I load the dishwasher, put in a load of laundry, log into Pinterest…WASH THE KITCHEN FLOOR–ON. MY. HANDS. AND. KNEES (yesterday). Continue reading

Procrastination – ‘Chelle

If mom is the queen of procrastination, then I’m the Princess of procrastination.  There is only one thing in my life that I ever remember doing ahead of time and that was an assignment back in fifth grade!  Since then, I’m the type that does everything last minute.  Even getting ready to have kids – I didn’t even have my maternity bag packed before I went into labor.  Someone always had to bring me stuff after the fact.  For all three kids!!

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