Blind Date Success

blind dateI met my husband, Art, on a blind date.  

As it was told to me a friend that I had gone with had this friend named Art.  He always spoke highly about him and said what a nice guy he was.  Well, he wanted to go to the outdoor, needed a date for Art, and called one of my girlfriends to see if she could go.  She couldn’t go, so guess what?  He called me.  Well, my Dad knew this friend, liked him, and thought he was the one asking me to go out to the outdoor.  So, he said I could go.  Now, I was only fifteen so this was a huge thing for me.  I couldn’t believe he would let me go to the outdoor, in a car with boys, at such an early age. 

I was up in the bathroom getting ready when I heard this car come roaring up the driveway.  It was Art and my friend arriving to pick me up. The guys had spent the day putting a new engine in his old car and didn’t have time to get the muffler put back on.  So, as I said they literally roared up the driveway to pick me up.  I got cold feet and said to my sister, “I don’t think I want to go.”  She said, “Well go tell them you aren’t going.”  Yeah right.

Art was brought in the front door to meet my parents.  He was introduced as the “careful driver”.  This was later used as a joke to describe Art as he was anything but a careful driver.  I came down the stairs, stood on the second step looking around the corner at this Art guy.  He freaked because he thought I was ten feet high and he felt uncomfortable around girls that were taller than he was.  I’m sure it was a nice surprise that I was an average height for him.  

While at the outdoor my friend and a girl were in the backseat of the car and Art and I were in the front seat.  I was sitting on my side and he was on his side.  After being coaxed to sit next to Art I moved over closer.

I don’t remember what happened at the end of that date, but while I was babysitting at a neighbor’s house, Art showed up with a chocolate malt for me and said he would call me.

Well, the rest is history.  After approximately four years of on-and-off dating and sixty years of marriage, two daughters, six grandchildren, 1½ great-grandchildren, we are still going strong.

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