Are Grandparents Obsolete?

grandparentsWomen over fifty (and of course, men also), are all so excited with the prospect of being grandparents.  I go along with this as it gives us a second chance, or tries to make up for some of the mistakes that we made with our children.  Most of us were probably young and did the best we thought we could, but as our children will most often advise us we often screwed up at some point.

Well, then our children produce the cutest, dimpled darlings that anyone has ever seen.  We love them, offer all the babysitting opportunities they can give us, leaving those long-distance grandparents envying the ones that are close to their children’s offspring.  Grandparents are included in baptisms, bar mitzvahs, birthday parties, concerts, track meets, or whatever those wonderful children who can do no wrong participate in.  Consequently, life for those grandparents has become blessedly full with wonderful family memories.

Then those wonderful grandchildren/babies get married.  Grandparents (your children) are likely to be fussed over and generally made a big fuss over.

Then, guess what happens?  Your offspring/children become grandparents themselves.  Now, that makes us now over fifty-year-olds, great grandparents.  I have been told that this is generally the time that we become “obsolete”.  Who wants to contend with really old people that can hardly walk, can’t hear, and become a general pain in the ass to have around.  They have demands that are no fun to contend with, and it is better to just leave them in the past enjoying their prior memories.  

So, my suggestion is this.  Enjoy the moment of your grandchildren, and don’t expect an unending time of extra love and affection from those great-grandchildren.  Enjoy the memories you had prior to being left behind.

This is just a premonition, and should probably not be taken seriously, but….

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