Is Divorce the Answer?

DivorceJust hit the print button. that is what I say to anyone who has just plain had it in their insufficient marital status. I use this jokingly and unfortunately, have used the phrase for a serious situation also. You see, I have worked in a law office for 55 years and have seen so many divorces, I wouldn’t even be able to count.



I hate divorces. I feel they are way too easy. People today seem to take marriage for granted. Why do they even bother? It seems the idea of working at a relationship (marriage) is just not done. It doesn’t seem quite so bad when there is only the couple that is ending this relationship, but when there are children, I feel it is just the saddest situation.

Divorce just doesn’t affect the immediate couple or family involved, but also the friendships, parents, siblings, etc. If a couple wants to get together, they should realize that this is for the long haul. I see so many divorces that just start because there is an impending pregnancy and they feel they must get hitched. First of all, has anyone heard about birth control?? It does seem this is not seriously taken to heart. A child is conceived then marriage is contemplated. These people probably would have never gotten married in the first place. Now they are playing house and with a child. I would assume most cases ends in divorce.

It is amazing to me that you are an oddity if you have never been divorced. I have been married for 54 years. Were they hard? You betcha, but I must say have been totally worth it. I felt when times would have others screaming divorce, I never felt my kids deserved a broken home and we worked things out. I know that is not always easy, but in my case, it was the only way. I must say, that for the most part, it has been the best decision.

Divorce is costly, in so many ways. People find that they can’t afford to be together, but it is more costly to be apart.

So, when I tell my husband I am going to hit the print button… he pays attention!!

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