Will You Marry Me?

My Best ComplimentWhat is a compliment?

This can come in many ways. It could be when you were asked to prom, homecoming, or more exciting a marriage proposal.

I think my best compliment was my wedding proposal. Even though, in my case, it was when we were very young, but, guess what it is still working. Sometimes I don’t know how, but it is still in the work. I often kid that I need a medal, but, in fact, we both probably do. We have figured how to make this union work.

Compliments can be easy to hand out, even if they aren’t really thought out. Like, “I love your hair today”, or, “Great outfit”, but they are passing compliments. When someone asks you to marry them it is like I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Even have my children with you Boy, that is a commitment, or better yet a great compliment.

I have had a lot of compliments in my life from kids, friends, etc., and these are really important in our everyday life. It makes the day a little brighter and certainly helps your self-esteem. I constantly need reassurances or compliments, but they do seem far and few in between. I often feel I have to hint in order to get one, such as hair, outfits, or whatever. But, when asked for, they really don’t count that much.

I took a class taught by an acquaintance, who I saw on an occasion, and talked to briefly. She actually sent me a note (by mail imagine) to tell me how nice I looked that particular time. Boy, that really made my day. She actually took out time in her day to do this for me. I said I was going to do this to other people too, but, of course, I fell short on that.

So, in reflecting on my life, I still see my wedding proposal as my number 1 compliment.

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