Memorable First Kiss?

kissWho remembers their first kiss? The one that I remember was rather odd.  It took place when I believe I was approximately seven or eight.  A bunch of my neighborhood friends were all hanging out in my front yard.  We were looking for something fun to do when someone suggested that we play a kissing game.  Well, it took a dare for one of the boys to kiss me.  I shall keep the name of this boy anonymous as he is still alive and might not appreciate having his identity exposed.   I  didn’t find this exactly exciting although I do remember it, so that must mean something.   

kissBut, there is a kiss that I will definitely remember.  This was memorable in its own way.  I was at a boy-girl party with a bunch of friends.  Actually, it was supposed to be an all-girl party as it was known to all the parents, but you get the picture, the guys were allowed and joined us coming through a basement window.  O.K., then we were partying, having a great time.  My boyfriend was there, who I would consider to be my first love.  It was suggested by my girlfriend who hosted the party that she and her boyfriend and my boyfriend and I see who could kiss the longest.  So, with the rest of the gang watching in anticipation, soft music playing in the background, the four of us proceeded on the couch kissing.  We were doing quite well I would say, until, you got it, my girlfriend’s parents walked in.  Wow, that ended the competition quite rapidly.  Talk about red faces.  Not to mention that boys weren’t even supposed to be at this party.  Another interesting teenage memory.

Now, when you think about kissing it is really kind of a strange thing if you really think about it.  Kind of like your eyebrows.  If you look at them long enough you might agree that they are kind of a strange thing to have.  Well, kissing can seem to be this way also.  

Sort of got off the track there, so, just exactly makes for a good kiss?  Some like soft, some like frisky, some like mushy, with beards, without beards,  Actually a soft meaningful rather dry kiss is to my liking.  Most of all I like it to be meaningful by someone that really likes you, not just some random act of affection.  You get the picture!!!

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