Small Gestures

Being thought of is a small gesture to make someone feel loved.   A simple hello, preferably with a smile, can put a warm spot in my heart.

I love it when my husband does little things that help make my life just a little bit easier.  One example is when I worked he would on most occasions when it snowed, stop by the office and make sure my car was free of snow. Another thing I always appreciated was when he made sure the cars always had gas in them.  I never took care of the vehicles in our family as he always did this.    

Something that makes me feel loved is when someone gives me a present and has made it a point to really know my taste.  For example, it is important for me to wear silver jewelry.  I have on several occasions received gold jewelry and feel that the extra effort was not made to know what my likes are.  I know this isn’t on everyone’s radar, but I feel if someone really cares they would be aware of this or at least check it out.

I also love to be included in events even if it is at the spur of the moment.  Being included in activities shows that I am liked, much less loved.  It is never a good feeling to feel left out when it is possible.

Sometimes I also feel that when someone pays extra attention to help me, such as my kids, to tell me how to improve my wardrobe, makeup, and/or hair  This would probably not work for everyone, but I feel the extra care on their part is showing their love.  It shows me that they want the best for me, especially if this act is done in a caring way, not to be criticized.  

When I was sick I felt loved when my kids took over the task of housekeeping, and making Christmas possible by doing all the necessary tasks and keeping me on track.  

I never turn down a hug, or just a plain “I love you” either.  This certainly helps me to feel loved.

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