Practice What You Preach

I feel I definitely practice what I preach most of the time.  For years and years, I’ve said I wanted a cottage on a lake.  Now, it wasn’t just any lake or just any area, but I wanted it to be on South Lake Michigan Drive in Door County, WI, on Lake Michigan.

I always knew I was going to do this.  We didn’t know how, didn’t know when, but it was going to happen.  It had to.  I put pictures up at work, constantly looked at the availability of properties and there was nothing…  especially in our price range.

Make It Happen

I actually wrote to everyone who had a residence along the road I was interested in, asking them if they were, or knew of anyone who was interested in selling. One person contacted me, but the price range was way out of our budget.

practice what you preachI kept forging on, as I said, for years, and finally, it happened!  It was a meant-to-be moment and it is now ours.  In fact, we now have two!!!!  (Be careful what you ask for!)

The next instance I can remember is Christmas.  I had promised Lisa (my oldest daughter) who was about 10 years old, that I would redecorate her room. This was a month before Christmas and guess what?  I made it.  I started the day after Thanksgiving.  There were many nights when I did all-nighters, and Christmas shopping was put on the back burner, even without Amazon, but it happened, as well as a successful Christmas holiday.  I’m not suggesting this for everyone as I was exhausted, but when I say I am going to do something unless I am med flighted to Madison, it will get done.  I hate it when someone says they are going to do something and then it never materializes. This is just “pissing in the wind”.  Can’t you practice what you preach?

Being this way takes persistence, patience, and a lot of hard work, but it is worth it in the end. The feeling of accomplishment is unbelievable.

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