Too Much Profanity!


I wish kids today (including my own) wouldn’t use profanity as much as they do.  I really feel that there are so many more productive ways to express oneself other than swearing.  This is something I strongly believe, BUT….  do I follow thru myself?  Not so much.

Frequently – I find myself talking like a truck driver (no offense meant to truck drivers by the way).  When talking to people, I have to make a conscious effort of watch my language and when at home, a lot of times, the bad language flies.

It’s become a family joke actually.  We tell the kids that I’m a bad influence.  “Just because Mama ‘Chelle says it, doesn’t mean you have to repeat it!”

We were at a dance competition one weekend and while going thru the drive thru of a fast food restaurant, I told Jess to check the bag of food because…  and I paused and said “Because what do I always say?”  Without hesitation, Jess responded “Because you always get fucked in the drive thru!”  I always quote the movie “Lethal Weapon 2” when Joe Pesci makes a similar statement.

Kadon (12) and Aubrey (8) began cackling in the backseat, thinking that was hysterical and then Aubrey corrected me saying “Mama ‘Chelle!!  Language!!”  I replied, “If you know enough to tell me it’s bad language, then you know enough to not repeat it!!”

This has continued over the years.  I always want to clean up my language and the language of my family to not include so much profanity, but for some reason, it just never seems to happen.  I wish I could practice what I preach, but other things just become more important.

Dammit!!  (oops)

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