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Candlelight dinner from Nathan – Valentine’s Day 2011

When trying to think about what makes me feel loved or what gives me warm fuzzies, the first thought that comes to mind is when my kids remember to thank me for something I’ve done for them.  

It could be something simple, like remembering to buy their favorite foods or something more, like helping them buy their first Harley, but when they go out of their way to say thanks and show me they appreciate me, my heart is full.  It’s always nice to get my thanks and appreciation in person, but when I get an additional text saying “Thanks” and “You’re the best”, I’m elated.

It was Valentine’s Day 2011 and I was coming home from working in Milwaukee.  I had no idea what we were going to have for dinner, but when I walked in the back door, I was delighted to find my 13-year-old Nathan had made me a candlelight dinner.  The lights were dimmed, the table was set, dinner was made and he even had sprinkled confetti on the floor to simulate rose petals. (They were white and he told me that they would’ve been red, but he ran out of time to color them)  It was an amazing night.  I knew instantly I had done a good job raising a sweet guy.

Notes from Jessica

On another occasion, Jessica made my day much brighter by writing down some special quotes from the Internet that she felt mirrored her feelings for me.  I have since framed these notes and every time I read them, they bring a tear to my eye and give me my much-needed warm fuzzies. 

The most recent event was receiving a surprise gift from Bradley.  We are currently in the process of remodeling the basement and I told him that the theme will be sports and games.  Completely out of the blue, he came home with a vintage Nintendo system for me.  

There are so many different ways that my family demonstrates their affection and appreciation for me and I feel blessed every day just knowing how much I am loved.

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