Sweet First Kiss

sweet first kiss

1st day of 1st & 6th grades

My very first kiss would have to be in 1st grade.  During recess, we would play tag with the girls catching the boys.  Once you caught the boy, you would have to kiss them.  Well – I decided to catch Eddy Wong 26 times in one recess because he was the slowest one in class.

After 1st grade, my next kiss wasn’t until the summer before 5th grade and I remember that first kiss very well, which is surprising for me cause I always say I have a swiss-cheese brain.  It was the summer before 5th grade and I was dating Dave Hyde who was going into 6th grade.  (Dave – I hope you aren’t reading this!)  My family called him the bicycle boy because the entire summer that we dated, he VERY seldom ever got off of his bicycle.  

sweet first kiss

‘Chelle in 5th grade

He was my first boyfriend and we didn’t really do much that summer, other than go to each other’s houses and sit outside. I remember walking past his house periodically, just hoping that he’d see me and come outside to talk.  God forbid actually going to the door and knocking!  Once in a while, we would go over to the park and hang out with his friends.  Like I said – we didn’t really do a whole bunch.

As for the first kiss though…  it was very sweet.  I remember being so nervous, wondering if he would ever kiss me and then suddenly, one night right before he was going to ride away for the night, he leaned in and gave me a very short kiss.  I was elated.  I felt like the girl in the cartoons who is floating around in the clouds.  I remember going upstairs and mom and dad were babysitting for some family friends and I went to tuck them in and read them a story.  (Something I wouldn’t have even considered doing if I hadn’t been in such a great mood!)

Many years later, Dave and I reconnected on Facebook and I asked him if he remembered the summer dating me.  His response was “How could I forget?”  That made my day!

Another fun memory I have of dating Dave would be the time that we were in the patio and he pretended to be stretching so he could put his arm around me…  Well, right at that exact moment, Dad walked to the patio door and Dave VERY quickly removed his arm!  

Although I have sweet, fun memories of that summer, it was bittersweet because Dave decided to break up with me at the end of the summer before school started again.  You see, we went to different schools and wouldn’t see each other as much.  In addition to that, he told my friend that he wanted to date Kim who was in 6th grade with him…  He told my friend “After all, the bigger, the better” as he placed his hands in front of his chest.  You guessed it – Kim had big boobs.  Oh well – c’est la vie – Dave – you missed out.

Another memorable first kiss was a few years later (middle school) when I tried to french kiss my boyfriend at the time.  He stopped quickly and said “I don’t get it”…  I was very confused and said “What?!”…  He quickly recovered and said “Oh never mind”…  I have no idea what he didn’t get, but it sure made an impression on me!

There’ve been other memorable first kisses since then, but I’ll leave those to another story.

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