Weird Favorite Drinks

When someone asks you “What is your favorite drink?” – do you automatically think they are referring to an alcoholic drink?  Well – I do, and that’s where I take pause.  I’m not a big drinker.  Typically people talk about coming home from work and having a drink or a beer…  I come home from work and grab a glass of milk.  Is that weird?

Milk vs SoCo

If I had to name a favorite drink – I would have a hard time with that.  My favorite would be dependent upon the situation.  For example – after work, it would be a glass of milk.  If I was out at a bar – it would be Southern Comfort & 7-up.  At a fancy place – it would probably be a glass of wine and if it was after a workout – it would be a glass of water (but that one doesn’t happen a lot!)

I don’t like anything bitter.  Beer is a definite NO Thanks!!  When I drink wine – it has to be a sweet wine.  That’s why I love Southern Comfort – it’s very sweet.

When you compare me to my family – I am the light-weight of the family.  Judy is pretty much a lightweight too.  The others, like Mom & Lisa – like to have their drinks and they like them strong.  Yuck!  Mine needs to be pretty weak if I’m going to be able to drink it.

SoCo & 7-up

Now, back to my favorite alcoholic drink.  Southern Comfort & 7-up.  I developed my love of this in college.  I used to drink it like water and of course, I got VERY sick on it.  One time, I remember coming home for a weekend and Dad held a glass of something under my nose stating ” ‘Chelle – smells this.  It smells like roses.”  OMG – I almost lost it right there.  It was a glass of straight Southern Comfort.  I didn’t drink it again for many years.

Then it was Mom & Dad’s 40th wedding anniversary party and Grandma Doris, Dad, and I finished off a VERY large bottle of SoCo ourselves.  Again – I was VERY sick the next day.  As a result, I’ve finally learned to drink it in moderation – Sometimes.

I guess I’d have to say I have 2 favorite drinks – the first being milk and the second would be SoCo & 7-up.  How is that for diametric opposites?  Well – that’s typical for a Sidetracked Sister – don’t you think?

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