A Cake Made with Love

In our family, we try to make birthdays somewhat special.  Usually, a cake or a favorite dessert is made for the birthday person.  

The first year that I was married my husband, Art,  made me a birthday cake.  Now, he is not a cook or a baker so this was a very special effort on his part.

He made a round, two-layer cake.  It had green frosting.  I don’t know where that choice came from, but it was what he chose.  He wanted to surprise me and he did accomplish that.  Unfortunately, he didn’t wait until the cake cooled down after he took it out of the oven.  He told me it looked great until it didn’t.  You see because the cake was still warm it fell apart in four fairly even parts.  Now he had a problem.  So, there was a large hole in the middle and in the crevices which required frosting. He took the top of the ready-made frosting can, put it down in the middle of the cake, and frosted over it so that he wouldn’t have to use so much frosting.  It looked something like a four-leaf clover, with lots and lots of frosting.  

I must say this was the most interesting cake ever, and probably the most thoughtful, especially from Art, The thought and effort that he put into this project meant a lot to me.  It beat any present that he could have just purchased.     

Now my birthday cake of choice is schaum torte with strawberries on top.  I am sure this would not be something that Art would like to attempt.  He will gladly leave this up to his daughter, Lisa, who has taken on this challenge.

Unfortunately, no picture was taken of my special cake, but the image shown here is as close to my special cake as could be found.  Picture this in green!!

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