There’s a Man in my Kitchen!

food memoriesMy favorite food memories have happened in the last thirty-five years. Coincidentally my husband and I have been married for thirty-five years.

I think I realized that he was the real deal when I learned that he loved to cook.  His cooking is his art. Nothing is too hard or off the table of possibilities.

When our niece, Michelle, turned sixteen, Michael and I came home from California for her birthday party.  We made hand-printed menus and place cards with assigned seating.  Michael insisted that the meal had to be special. Chicken Cordon Bleu, twice-baked potatoes, and a lovely salad plus two vegetables. He didn’t realize that Michelle was averse to anything green. She never mentioned it!

The table was set with the good China and crystal. It went beautifully with the culinary work of art. I enjoyed the whole loving process of creating this sweet sixteen party just for Michelle. It makes me feel good every time I think of it!

food memoriesThis desire to make special meals has followed us for all our married life. Every Christmas morning, after we open presents, Michael prepares eggs benedict and asparagus smothered in creamy, delicious Hollandaise sauce. He mixes Mimosas and we all sit around the dining room table and enjoy his special present for the three of us. The best part of all is the happiness he wears across his face and there is no question about the fact that he loves doing this every year.

I appreciate that he plans the meals, does the grocery shopping and the cooking. He enjoys showing his special talent whether it’s only for me, our family, our extended family or good friends.

We tried to challenge him when we all went camping together as a family of fourteen. He rose to the occasion with Beef Stroganoff prepared on a camp stove. It was delicious and we were impressed.

food memoriesIf I ask for a special dessert filled with a molten chocolate center, he says “no problem”. If I ask for something he has never cooked before, he replies with “no problem” and all of this is done with joy and pride in his ability. I appreciate when he beams with personal satisfaction. He does allow me to be sous chef at times but I insist that the credit be all his.

My favorite recipe for “Special Food Memories”

  • 1 Happy Husband in the kitchen
  • Ingredients for a special meal
  • The dining table set with China and candles
  • Our favorite people enjoying a meal together

Directions: Mix and match in a variety of combinations. Serve anytime a special event is desired. Garnish with a glass of wine. Sit back and enjoy.

Bon Appetit! 

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