Do I Have a Favorite Drink?

DrinksWhat is my favorite drink?

This sounds like an easy topic…not. My answer is, it depends.

When I wake up in the morning, my favorite drink is milk on ice. It refreshes and revives me and goes perfectly with every breakfast food I can think of.

Then, at other times, when I feel a bit puny, my favorite drink is an emergenC cocktail on the rocks. It’s cold and fruity and has a bit of tang. Before I’m done drinking it, I already feel better.

But next, I think about the summer, working outside. At these times, my favorite is a Margarita Wine Cooler in my Green Bay Packer mug with ice and a straw. I hate to sweat, but this favorite drink makes it bearable.

On the other side of the seasons, on a cold winter’s night, I want a hot Irish Coffee made with Jameson and topped with sweet, vanilla-flavored cream, but, if it’s late at night, I can only have one because the rich coffee will keep me awake all night.

But wait, I can’t forget when we get together, the four of us, there is nothing better than a pitcher of Margaritas (of course on the rocks). The salt and sour give me the lift I need to explore my mind and go perfectly with the Mexican food we enjoy on Tuesday nights when we get together to write our blog posts.

And of course, I must not forget my old standby.  No blog post about favorite drinks would be complete without including my favorite Wisconsin drink. It is the Brandy Old-fashion sweet with olives. I can’t enjoy one without thinking about my sister who often enjoys this favorite with me. Many a special time and many everyday times have been spent sipping this yummy treat and just being together. I love when I walk in the door of my sister’s house and her husband says “Old-fashion Judy?”.  “YES” is always my reply and he knows just how they’re made best. I also know I’m “home” when the bartender doesn’t have to ask “How do I make that??”. This is not always the case in other states that I have lived in.

I guess this really was an easier topic than I realized. Even though I can’t settle on one favorite, I raise my glass of “whatever” and say cheers to all.

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