Evolution of Breakfast

“Eat breakfast like a king,

lunch like a prince,

dinner like a pauper.”

This was the saying many years ago when I was struggling with my weight. I would eat a big breakfast and feel sluggish and drowsy for much of the morning. Was it the quality of the food? Was it the content of carbs versus protein? Was it the sugar, fat, salt…?

I’m not sure. Probably yes, yes, and…yes…

When I taught, I often skipped breakfast and had a snack around 9:30 with the students in my class. Although I sent home a letter with a dozen suggestions for “healthy” treats, the most common items were brownies, rice crispy treats, granola bars, cheese cheese-flavored crackers…it makes me tired just writing this.

Green Monster

Then a few years ago, I decided to go with a fruit/vegetable smoothie. I heard another teacher in the lounge singing its praises. She remarked that her smoothie was packed with all kinds of good stuff for her body and made her feel amazing.

So I gave it a try.

I purchased a Ninja blender and would begin by filling the 32 oz. cup with about 24 oz. of chopped, organic kale. I added one scoop of Elevation vanilla protein powder from Aldi.  Next, I added either a banana or 1/2 an avocado. Then I played around a bit. I put in a handful of fresh raspberries from my garden, 5 big frozen strawberries, or maybe some frozen mango. The final touch, a tablespoon of chia seeds and add cold, icy water to the fill line. Pulse blend it for about a minute and…super yum!

I would drink this yummiful concoction on my 1/2 hour drive to school and it. was. good. I wasn’t so tempted by the kids’ sugary treats, but I was starving by the time lunch hit at 11:20. 

Breakfast for Lunch

The next iteration of my breakfast routine began around Covid-time. This thing called “intermittent fasting” shrinks the eating window of your day. My goal was to only eat between 11 am and 7:30 pm. This felt pretty good. I would eat eggs,  cereal, or a bagel with cream cheese and I didn’t feel that morning slump.

But here is the kicker…my cholesterol shot up. So where I’m at now is a NEW routine.

Perfect Oatmeal

Now, I drink my coffee with creamer to start the day. Then I created a NEW yummy creating that includes ingredients that are supposed to positively impact cholesterol. Here are the ingredients:1/2 cup rolled oats, 1 heaping t of each: chia seeds, hemp hearts, flax seeds, brown sugar; a big pinch of walnut pieces, and some raisins or craisins. Microwave for a minute and a half and stir for a minute.

Taste Test

Now, the other day when I was eating my breakfast, I happened to have my 1-year-old grandson with me when I was enjoying my breakfast. I put some of the oatmeal on the spoon and he eagerly opened his mouth for what he assumed was a delicious treat.

Seconds later, he made a face as if I’d just fed him mashed pickles covered in hot sauce. As he repeatedly pushed the small dollop out of his mouth with his tongue, chunks dripped off his chin and onto the floor–where Evie eagery cleaned it up. (Evie and I (obviously) have the same good taste in breakfast. 

I’ll have to keep working on Little Luka. Because–even if my creation doesn’t affect my cholesterol–it makes me feel good and I think it tastes scrumptious.

It seems that I’ve moved on from the “king, prince, and pauper” eating pattern. These days I’m more into listening to my body, and paying attention to what it’s trying to tell me–instead of blindly locking into someone else’s “proven system”. 

I’m also flexible. So, if you have any breakfast suggestions, let me know. I’m always willing to try something new.Who is Lisa

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